Help setting up my Louet magic 70cm dobby electronic dobby loom

 I wonder if any of you have the help the Louet magic 70cm dobby electronic dobby loom.

I have just purchased a second-hand loom which has never been used.

I came with a manual but no instructions for the electronic part.

The problem is that I am not able to send a request from my software to the loom --Help

see below for more info

I have sent am email to Louet but I wnat to play with it NOW...

I anyone has an electronic copy of the manual I would love to have  a look at it.



Nowich UK


The story so far.

Loom set up all working - Electronic box powers up

By holding the small white button as I switch it on I am able to get it to do a self test -

the hooks above the knife are all pushed forward in sequence this continues until I switch it off


When I switch it on normally (not pressing the white button) the top red and green lights are on but the bottom green light flashes.

I have tired both a USB cable and  the supplied serial cable which I have connected to my computer via a USB to serial converter.

I have tried both Weavmaker and PixeLoom but have not managed to send a signal to the loom.


Posted on Sun, 09/26/2010 - 22:05

Adrienne, I had a MagicDobby, but sold it a few years ago. It sounds like the loom is working properly. One thing to check is that you have the loom driver for your programs. Often you have to pay an extra fee. If you have it, check that it is activated, set for the proper loom, and reading the correct COM port. I use Fiberworks so I can't help you with the specific place to go in your software. Ask on the CW yahoogroup CTools if none of this works. It is a nice little loom when you get it going.

happy weaving,
Laurie Autio