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DIY Looms and Tools

I started a group on Ravelry for DIY tools and it has been going strong for some time. it occured to me that the same concept would be good to have here. there are many great tutorials and plans out there to build your own looms and tools. this group could serve as a place to gather info together to make it easier to find... and to give feedback on our experiences using that information. i can also be a place to show our handmade tools and what we make with them!

some of us build our own because we can't afford the cost of comercially produced tools.

there are lost of small loom options to let new weavers experiment and learn before jumping into the investment of a larger loom.

others love the act of creating the tools we use or the beauty of quality craftsmenship and materials.

no matter what type of DIYer you are, you are welcome here!