Looking for older Leclerc bobbin winder with fat quill

My old Leclerc bobbin winder has started to bind and I'd like to replace it.  I've tried to attach a photo but I must be doing something wrong.  Thanks.


Posted on Tue, 04/10/2018 - 16:03

If you get a thin spindle winder, you can wind the cardboard quills.  But, you can also put a quill on the winder and then put the thicker bobbin on top of the quill and wind it as well.  So, the winder will accommodate both.

However, if you try using quills, you might like them better.  Leclerc used to make cardboard quills, back in the 70s for their winders and I much preferred them over the noisy plastic bobbins.  The plastic bobbins also create drag on the yarn, which can cause more draw-in at the selvages.  This gives a weaver a habit of extending their arms out before throwing the shuttle, just to pull out more weft to prevent the selvage problems.

After using Leclerc's cardboard quills in the 70s, I never went back to the plastic bobbins.


Posted on Tue, 04/10/2018 - 16:44

I have been using both and I do have one with the finer spindle and I have both cardboard and plastic bobbins.  I just finished a striped wool, weft-faced rug that was woven in 3 panels of 14" each.  Using my fat spindle winder and a plastic bobbin I could cram on a lot of wool and weave a 2-2.5" stripe non-stop.  Due to the flanges on the edges I could really cram it in.   BUT thanks for your persepctive Joanne.  Always appreciated.  ...And, is there a way to add a photo to a post?