Counterbalance Loom

I inherited a counterbalance loom from my grandmother - I took an intro weaving class in the spring and now am trying to get my loom set up. I do not have directions to set up the lamms and treddles and I am at a standstill - does anyone have any documentation they can share? I have tried to find info online, but it is hard to follow or describes how to tie up the loom (I'm not there yet!!). 

Someone please help! I just want to get a project going in my very pretty loom room!!


Posted on Wed, 09/04/2013 - 14:01

Thank you! I will give these documents a try. I bought one of your books, but it was for a Countermarch loom (which is not what I have!).



Posted on Wed, 09/04/2013 - 15:36

Hi Wynne,

There are parts of my book which will be helpful to you.  You can follow the instructions for making beam cords and for using Texsolv products.  And you can follow the instructions for assembling the shafts and making the shaft holders.  I don't know what kind of shafts and heddles you have, but to check the tie-up the loom has or if you need to start from the beginning, follow the instructions on page 11 to determine the height of the shafts.  And hanging them on shaft holders is the best way to start.  There are also knots for weaving if you need to tie knots and a sett chart, treadle tie-up diagrams, information about setts, a reed chart for sleying reeds and a glossary.