corrections to Handweaver's Pattern Directory

I was weaving a sampler using the summer & winter section of this book, but ran into a problem on page 138.  The tie-up is off (tabby tie-up is not the left-most treadles as it should be) and the last treadling on the page has you weaving pattern with the tabby lifts of 1&2 followed by 3&4. 

I contacted Interweave several weeks ago but never got a response.  I've tried again, but wondered if there was a better way to contact them?  The only link I found on their web site results in an email being generated and I know how easy that is to end up in a spam folder.  I guess I expected to fill out a form so they would have more control over what messages were sent to them.



Posted on Tue, 08/14/2012 - 16:18

HI Tina....I am not really sure what your issue is, but let me just say this. Tabby in a tied weave threaded 1-3-2-3-1-4-2-4 is 12 vs 34.

I am not sure what you mean when you say "tabby tie up is not the left- most treadles as is should be". There is no rule as to where tabby is located in the tie up and treadling. While it is easier to read the draft if it is always located in the same place, it is not essential to weaving. But in this case the tabby is located in the first two colored in columns, but the tabby treadling is positioned two columns to the left of that. Perhaps that is what is confusing you??

When you weave the first draft on page 138 you are weaving ALL pattern blocks (which means they are all left in neutral position so the pattern weft can float over them) so the orange weft thread shows on the surface of the cloth as you are looking at it. This means you are only raising the tie down on shaft one or the tie down on shaft two to weave. On the back side, the cloth will look as pictured to the left of the orange patterned cloth. When you weave the second draft you are weaving none of the pattern blocks, so they show up on the underside of the cloth, tied to that surface.
In the third draft you are weaving apper in the block threaded 1-4-2-4 with the burgundy weft (this happens when pattern shaft 4 is left neutral and pattern shaft 3 is raised) This is followed by pattern being woven in pink in the block threaded 1-3-2-3 (this happens when pattern shaft 3 is left neutral and pattern shaft 4 is raised).

So the pattern drafts are correct on these pages with the exception of the treadling indicators for tabby positioned incorrectly beneath the first two treadles instead of treadles 3 and 4 in the tie up.

Posted on Tue, 08/14/2012 - 16:36

Ooops....spoke hastily....the last draft on page 138 is wrong....the tie up should read

Column one = tabby a - shaft one and two tied up
Column two = tabby b - shaft three and four tied up
Column three = tie down one with pattern shaft 3
Column four = tie down two with pattern shaft 3
Column five = tie down one with pattern shaft 4
Column six = tie down two with pattern shaft 4
Column seven = Tie down one with pattern shafts 3 and 4
Column eight = tie down two with pattern shafts 3 and 4
Column nine = tie down shaft one
Column ten = tie down shaft two

To weave the blocks as shown in the photo at the bottom of the page, and assuming that tie up is written as above, you need to treadle as follows to weave the burgundy block:

Treadle 3 - pattern weft
Treadle 1 tabby
Treadle 4 - pattern weft
Treadle 2 - tabby

This weaves the burgundy block

To weave the pink blocks:

Treadle 5 - pattern weft
Treadle 1 - tabby
Treadle 6 - pattern weft
Treadle 2 - tabby

To weave the orange pattern on the top photo:

Treadle 9 - pattern weft
Treadle 1 - tabby
Treadle 10 - pattern weft
Treadle 2 - tabby

I think you get the idea now......

Posted on Wed, 08/15/2012 - 03:20

Thanks Su!  I did get a reply from Interweave.  Unfortunately, it's that the email address is no longer in use and I need to use another one.  So they need to update their web page with their new address too.  Hopefully I'll get a reply soon, but will save your reply too.

Posted on Mon, 09/03/2012 - 15:37

I received the correction for this page from Anne Dixon via Interweave.  Here's what they say:

There is a mistake on the threading draft for page 138. The first two [empty] left-hand columns shouldn't be there - [as they are empty there is no point to them].

The tabby, marked under these two columns should be under the 3rd & 4th column respectively.

In the third sample, the two weft positions should also move two columns to the right, & appear under columns 5 & 6 respectively.

If the first two columns are not there, & the tabby & lowest sample moved over two columns, then that is correct.