Ideas for Weavealong

Since this is going to be my first led weavealong for us adventurous weavers I was wondering what everyone would like to see for future projects?   What does everyone think about a quarterly "holiday" theme starting with a Christmas Table Runner?  Let me know your ideas.


Posted on Fri, 11/06/2009 - 19:34


I would love to see a Holiday Table Runner.  That's a great idea.  I have run two WALs on the Rigid heddlers group and tried to focus more on the structure of the items rather than the form.  That way, if someone wanted to do a Bronson lace scarf they could and if someone wanted to use cotton and do a Bronson lace table runner they could.

Laverne, known here as Bolivian warmi, has done several WALs on the Barckstrap group.  I suggest you join that group and take a look at how she has structured the forums.  She has it very organized with tons of helpful info.

These are just MHO, suggestions and ideas, not requirements.  Others in the group may prefer to all follow the same draft and all do a table runner.  I would be very happy with that.  I have Christmas dinner with friends every year and a table runner would be a much appreciated gift for their table.


Posted on Fri, 11/06/2009 - 21:38

Here is a sample of the draft for the Christmas weave-along.  I did this in green, but I think I'll make the table runner in red and white, but it looks just as nice on the back so it will work nicely for a scarf.  I'm excited about doing this with everyone.