Hi, I am trying to join WeaveTech, is there a trick to it?I do not belong to any yahoo groups  so its new to me.Thanks in advance for any help.Laurie


Posted on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 20:47

This group is on Yahoo so you will have to join Yahoo to recieve the emails from the list. Once you have joined you can search for groups and find WeaveTech in the groups page.

I have an email through there that I never use it has too much spam. I redirect the emails to my usual email. Once youv'e joined go into edit membership and change it there if that is what you want. You can also get a digest vs emails that creates less mail. Another good one to belong to is Weavesalesads to find used equipment etc.  Good Luck,  Lois Erbland

Posted on Sat, 03/09/2013 - 01:23

You do not have to register with Yahoogroups to join one. Without registering you can join a group, and send and receive email at your regular email address. However, you will not be able to access any of the web features - files, photos, databases, email archives, etc.

If you do register, you will be taken through a maze of options. Be sure to opt out of all the automatic spam options and to save those changes as you end. Some of the opt-out places are a bit tricky to find.

Also, be sure to keep your user id and pw if you register. I run a number of groups and the absolute most common problem I have found is that people don't remember one or the other or both, and then can't get in to do the things they want. Make sure also that you set your regular email as the sending address, or check the default email regularly.

I like the digest option for things with any degree of traffic, like WeaveTech. Saves a lot of time over individual emails.

You may or may not like the format - it is different from here and Ravelry. In WeaveTech the discussion is more focussed, attachements are not allowed (though they can be uploaded to files or photos folders), real names are required, it is not for beginners, and everything is linear rather than branching. I like yahoogroups and find it much faster to keep up with everything at once, but it makes some a little nutty.

Have fun, it is a good group.

Laurie Autio