Colors in a table scarf

I prefer strong contrasting colors in strange combinations - like turquoise and purple and orange. I am new to weaving. On my project for a table scarf, I had to stop and ask, "Do I wish the scarf to be the main object or the backdrop for the item sitting on it?" Originally I was picking colors from the room. A good idea for a pillow cover or a lap rug. Not so good for this table runner.

If I wish to display the dragonfly bowl, the fabric color should be subtle. Though, it could be patterned or textured. The crystal candleholder and stone statuary would still show well on brighter fabric.

I really was focused on the bowl. It was a treasured birthday gift. My personal preference would not allow me to go neutral for the decorative bowl, but I did go softer - an antique gold and soft rose. If it doesn't work with the bowl, I can use the scarf elsewhere.

What would influence your color choice for a table scarf?


Posted on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 16:04

Hi 10ashus, I would try a couple of things in sampling. Since you like violet, blue - green, and orange that's a triad on my color wheel. the colors are placed as a equal sided triangle on the wheel. i don't know what the color is of your bowl  , but you might try the other two colors of a triad ( from the color of the bowl) and see how that looks. 

my fav would be to try to use an arrangement of color that has the complement color of the bowl . That is the color directly across from the primary color of the bowl. Complementary colors when used in good proportions make colors pop.some sort Of solid background with a tint or tone complementary squares , could be double weave . Could be just a tone or tint of the complementary in huck lace. ( silk?)

 I'd try a split complementary too, since tints of blue-violet do turn a little purple. Could look nice. Texture or maybe subtle stripes, or small to medium checks.

a color wheel is very helpful in finding color combinations you like, tints and tones.

That's what I'd try for starters . Cathie

Posted on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 21:43

I will search for a color wheel. A useful tool for this study.

  • Analogous - colors next each other on the wheel.
  • Complementary -colors opposite on the wheel.
  • Triad - 3 colors equal distance apart on the wheel.

I like Cathie's suggestion of using the complimentary color fabric under the bowl. That would give a bold vibration.

Posted on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 01:16

Demo software options include importing color palettes. I sent a message to The Lunatic Fringe, hoping that their colors can be imported as a palette.  My DH uses machine embroidery software that has full color range for several common thread manufacturers available from within the software.

On the subject of The Lunatic Fringe, I am hoping members of this group will have experience with gamps using their tubular spectrum.  I have it in 10/2 cotton that may almost be too old for strong warp.  5/2 and 8/2 cottons have become my best friends since returning to weaving.  I am not sure if I am short on patience since I am always short on time. 

Posted on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 02:19

And it would be smart for the yarn store, too!

Let us know what you learn.