<p>Hi all, I&#39;m new to this and struggling with the technology.&nbsp; I work full time and will post when time allows.&nbsp; Some of you expressed an interest in this group a while ago, so please let me know if you&#39;re still interested in being a member.&nbsp; For myself, I am based in the midlands of England, and have been weaving seriously for about 6 years.&nbsp; I am intrigued by the results of weaving with active yarns, and have been experimenting recently to see what works, what doesn&#39;t and try to understand why.&nbsp; My inspiration originally came from attending workshops run by Lotte Dalgaard and Ann Richards and regularly refer to their books &#39;Magical Materials to Weave&#39; and &#39;Weaving textiles that shape themselves&#39;.&nbsp;</p><p>It would be great to hear from others about your projects and perhaps some thougths about what you&#39;d like to get out of being a member of this group.</p><p>Look forward to hearing from you.</p>