will this appear as a new thread in coffee shop?

If it does - this is how I did it:

in the top right hand corner, under your name, there is an "add" button. choose "add discussion", which will take you to a new page.

Itried changing from filtered html to plain text - in plain text various html things appear - <P> for paragraph, for instance.

it took "forever" to preview, and (like last time) all formatting (again just paragrapf & linefeed) seems lost. Now posting w/o previewing


Posted on Sun, 06/17/2018 - 15:13

well, yes - also no:




Formatting disappears, even when "plain text" shows (above here 3X(p-nbsp-p) but in correct html format).


Also I want to remind you that I reported, several times, that *all* "my" groups were gone - and that, when I looked them (the groups) up, *all* looked like here has been no activity at all for several yeaars.


I also remember I asked you to please take away the group Profile Challenge 2012. As it is still there (albeit looks to be totally empty...) I ask you again: can you please kill the old group Profile challenge 2012?



(who suddenly *read* what it says on allowed html tags: now I understand why linebreaks and paragraphs disappear - they are not allowed!)