Small steps & gratitude

I have great news to share about our progress on our return to normalcy here! I am pleased to announce that 85% of the 255 groups here now have all the content back in the group!!!! The other 15% of groups have the most recent posts back in the group. I plan to have the remaining group content reassociated with the groups by the end of next month.

I am so grateful for those of you who have expressed their understanding and patience with this progress. The data migration was not as smooth as we planned and we are so grateful for those who have expressed their appreciation for our hard work towards putting things back the way they belong. 

We have some very active groups on Weavolution that have hundreds of posts. These groups will take several hours to complete and we appreciate your patience as we finish the older content. We are still working on getting the images back for drafts and projects, and finally the yarns and looms! We will continue to work on this housekeeping until all the work is done.

Thank you for your commitment to our community, your faith in use and your support.

Happy Weaving,

Erica & Oliver