Drafts WIFs and Images restored

I just wanted to let everyone know that draft wifs and images have been restored! We know yarns still need to have the images restored and looms need a bit of work too. As always we really appreciate your patience as we work through this process as quickly as we can. We hope the progress we have made thus far has restored your confidence in the site and in us.

Happy weaving,



Posted on Sat, 03/09/2019 - 11:16

Looking good Erika.

It did notice yesterday that some post images became broken links. I clicked on one of my posts to edit and the image reappeared and I hit post and it was back, but noticed another post by someone where the links were also lost. I looked in this morning and those photos were also restored since yeaterday.


Posted on Fri, 05/31/2019 - 08:14

What does "drafts you have shared or marked for later use" mean?
In the "old" weavo, the drafts ( and projects, for that matter) I saw when clicking "my drafts" were such that I had uploaded myself. In this new version, some of them (and most of my projects) were gone, but those still there were all mine, and accessible. Most pictures were gone, but wifs did show.

But now (May31 2019) "my drafts" show several which are not mine (2 anonymous, 2 from Tien, 1 each from Nancy Hassel, Dawn Mc Carthy, Sally Orgren and Claudia Segal. I don't know what "marked for later use" means, but I know it is not something I have done (if I want to save a wif I use other methods).
No draft, neither mine nor the others, are available.

I am logged in as myself, the page(s) I am looking at is https://www.weavolution.com/my-studio/my-drafts
and https://www.weavolution.com/my-studio/my-drafts?page=1.
Whichever draft I click on, I get "page not found" - https://www.weavolution.com/my-studio/draft/wheels-roses-profile-made-ov... is one of them.

The same goes for my 3 sort-of-surviving projects - "page not found" - https://www.weavolution.com/my-studio/project/kerstinfroberg/8-shaft-adv...

I am using a laptop (Dell Inspiron ) with Win 10. The above was all seen in Firefox, the latest version.

It is slightly different in Edge, where I am shown 6 of my own, 1 anonymous and two empty spaces on page one, 4 of my own, 1 from Tien, 2 empty spaces and one from Claudia Segal on page two.
No draft is found when clicked.
My 3 surviving projects show in Edge (still w/o pics, of course), but for details "page not found", same as above.

I would appreciate some kind of comment.

Posted on Fri, 05/31/2019 - 15:40

No idea what happened a month ago, but the site was down and all 'new' images in posts and projects leading up to that came back with broken links galore.