Weaving around the world

This group was suggested when I commented that I wished Karren Brito's group, Las Catrinas would continue after the Halloweave challenge was over and it was suggested I start one..  In the spirit of that post I thought I owuld see if there was interest in weaving in other ethnic styles and techniques.  Historically many ethnic groups have developed styles based on the materials at hand and so we see a wide variety of materials and colors as well as techniques. Most of us know of the backstrap loom used in many countries as well as some of the less portable variants of the system. Also there are Nordic traditions in weaving such as the Inkle loom and its derivatives.  There are types of weaving using cards and a comblike device as well as lucet and kumihimo techniques.  There is a rich tradition of weaving in Asia as well I am sure that many techniques and patterns are now just getting lot in the general anthology of weaving we most accept but one can still identify ethnic styles such as Icelandic or Nordic even though we even see items ing sold on the mass market with these motifs from just about everywhere. It wil be interestingn to se where this goes.




Posted on Wed, 12/28/2011 - 05:48

Hi Charles,

Thanks for setting up the group. I will be lurking and looking for ideas.

Have a good day!

Posted on Thu, 01/05/2012 - 19:58

Hello ! from S.California. Looking forward meeting you All !

Just wanted to say Hi ! I'm a weaver "Made in Finland as My Varpapuu Loom "FINLANDIA" is.

 I Love to Weave,when I have time. :)