Andean Backstrap Weaving Class

 The Andean Backstrap Weaving Class with Abby Franquemont at The Spinning Loft in Howell, MI was fantastic!  You will have to wait a few days for photos from me.  Beth was taking photos though.  I will let you know when she posts them on her blog.

We learned history, we learned culture, we learned how to learn backstrap weaving, we learned backstrap weaving, we learned and learned and learned.  Abby is a master teacher and a master weaver!

Our loom is simplicity and functionality at its best - just yarn and two sticks, but the items it can produce are intricate and beautiful.  The items Abby brought to share with us and her own weaving are incredible.  The rest of us . . . need to practice :)

This weekend we worked on narrow bands as we learned the mechanics of the loom and some of the very simplest Andean patterns.  When we practice enough to master those skills, we will be ready to progress to wider pieces.

Backstrap weaving is strenuous! I am not used to sitting on the floor for two and a half days, using my body to tension my loom, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  I am glad the hotel I was staying in had a hot tub!

More soon!