Viewing the back side of my work

I am currently working on a double weave project on my PDL. Everything is going swimmingly, with one exception. I can't figure out how to keep an eye on the back side of my work without interrupting my flow. In the past, I have mounted a small mirror underneath, but due to the path the apron and cloth take, this doesn't seem possible. Anyone have a solution to this problem?


Posted on Fri, 09/21/2012 - 01:09

My husband has a POV camera, which is basicly a small camera lens on the end of a cable, and the other end is a digital display. I have contemplated but not yet attempted, some how rigging it up to focus on the underside of my weaving. Maybe one of these days I'll actually attempt it :-)

Posted on Fri, 09/21/2012 - 20:05

Some years ago, I worked on double width twill blankets on my AVL after successfully weaving large blankets on a 60" LeClerc loom. I used a mirror at the side of the loom (with both looms) to check the shed. If the shed did not look clean, I beat again to clear it and occasionally used my hand to free a warp thread that was sticking; these were wool blankets. I didn't need to check the back face of the cloth when I had checked the open shed.

I haven't done anything double width in a while. Double weave with layer exchange forming designs is something I weave often and teach but I haven't used a wool warp and I haven't had any problems on my AVL. I have a new warp on my AVL now, four-color double weave, 48 epi with one layer of warp 30/2/4 Tencel and the other layer of warp made from two strands of 20/2 cotton. I only check the back during the first few picks when I am checking for errors. I run my hand over the back face to feel for floats.