Tension Arm Weirdness

I an still getting used to my 60" PDL. The tension arm is riding on the beam disk that holds, in my case, the nylon cable. I have tried tightening the cord attached to the spring, using a much lighter weight, different spring etc. with no success. I am weaving a 12" fine wool sample, 32 epi, 2/26's, and tension is fine. However I don't think the arm sould be riding on the beam. I reread all of my AVL stuff, can't figure it out.


Posted on Thu, 02/06/2014 - 03:05

I have an Ipad so I can't get a photo in a comment. If you imagine the tension arm which, according to AVL, should be riding at a 45 degree angle and then rise and fall when the warp is advanced. I took off the tension disk and replalced it with a machine knitters cast on weight. Probably only weighs a few ounces. I have tried tightening the nylon cord and spring arrangement to no avail. The arm just drops down to where the plastic covered tension cord is wrapped around the beam. I'll put a photo of it on my blog, mmsoohandweaving.blogspot.com.

Posted on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 20:28

Does it drop without the weight too? If so, the I'd say the cord is too long and needs to wrapped around again. I think mine goes around 3 times. If you just see the cord slip on the beam when you add the weight (or just push down on the arm), then maybe you got some wax on it and bit needs to be roughened up.