Sticking shaft

I just finished my second project on my AVL it's a 24 shaft 60" compu dobby III. Through the half of the weaving time I had trouble with shaft #2 staying up when it shouldn't.There were no physical causes for it so I read through information on the web and the AVL book and website. I tried turning the turnbuckle, nothing, did a draft not using #2, Finally I took the Compu Dobby down and pushed on all the plungers, plugged it in and ran the solenoid checker in PCW. I did notice the copper Thingy on #2s cable was loose so I tightened that. Reinstalled the dobby and it was working fine. Until the end of the section of weaving then it started coming up with every pick again.I took the dobby off first this time, plugged in and the problem went away for awhile more. I am looking for a more permanent solution does anyone have any advice?


Posted on Thu, 02/14/2013 - 14:31

No, I finally was able to finish the warp. If it happens with the next one I may call AVL.