My auto-advance went all wonky - what happened?

Today something strange happened.

I was weaving, weaving, weaving... when suddenly the pick count got all wonky. A few tight picks, then the advance advanced more and more.

I had to fiddle for mear to half-a-meter before I was back to (approximately) the same pick count I had before. As there are several pictures, I posted a more detailed story on my blog - here.

Some questions: when you adjust the a-a arm - how long does it usually take before it shows in the fabric? Can the warp beam brake be part of the problem? How?

Any suggestions as to what happened? (And - how do I avoid it in the future...?)



Posted on Sat, 12/04/2010 - 04:32

Hey, there!

I have had a similar thing happen on my AVL production dobby. It turned out that the auto-advance wasn't what was advancing the cloth. The tension arm was set too low to balance the weight of the cloth take-up weight. The cloth take-up weight was advancing the cloth further than the auto-advance mechanism. When I let the weight hit the floor, the auto-advance kicked in, giving far fewer picks per inch.

I can't say that this is what's happening for you, but it's a balance between the auto-advance, the beam tension weight, and the cloth take-up weight.

Hope this helps!


Posted on Thu, 12/09/2010 - 07:37

The warp is now woven, without any more problems. I did increase the tension some, even though I did not want to.

However, I'm not sure I believe this was the problem - after all, I had woven more than 50 cm when the problem occurred...

Thanks anyway, I had never thoufht of the relation between the take-up weight and the tension weight.