Hooked on AVL

Well after acquiring my 10' rug loom and weaving a couple projects I am hooked on the whole dobby thing.  I love not tying up treadles.  I set out to find a smaller loom I could weave couch throws and ruanas if needed, but mainly for shawls and towels.  Found a used 48", 16 shaft compu-dobby with a two box fly shuttle.  It also has warp tensioning (?) and I think a cloth storage system.  Still in the reassembling stage at this point.  It has a manual dobby as well and for the time being that is what I will use.  I am so excited to get it up and running.  The gal I bought if from was the 2nd owner and she wove about 1" on it and then it sat.  I think it was too overwhelming for her.  I believe it is from the 90's.  I got a really cool book of 16 shaft patterns from her and I am anxious to try them out.