Help! Warp Drum Weighted Tension Arm Clunks

I just put a warp on with a wide sett. 8 epi, 8 ppi. I have the auto advance on my A-Series. I set the auto advance in the top position (8-12) and achieve perfect ppi, however, the problem i'm having is that with every pic, my warp beam tension arm rises with every beat and then comes down hard with a hard clunk advancing the warp double what it should.

I have altered the spring with lots of tension and almost no tension and get the same results - i have moved the weight on the tension arm up, down, middle...

I called AVL yesterday and they suggested sanding down the part of the warp beam drum that holds the tension arm cord (it's a plastic coated cord). They said the drum smooths down with the cord over time and it needs something to grab.

I did it by hand sanding, then i brought the drummel tool out - neither works. i still get the same thing. Big fat clunk.

Do you suppose i could put a very light coat of spray mount on this section of my beam? Double stick tape?

If you weave with a large ppi, can you please describe your warp beam spring and tension arm? Does yours move up with each beat? I don't remember this happening with any other warp.

Any deas for me?




Posted on Mon, 04/18/2011 - 02:11

Mary, you might want to put this question out on the Weavetech yahoo group, there is a set of AVL users there who are not weavo users. Deb Mc