Heddle management?

 I am warping my 16S AVL with my first full-width warp. To simplify my threading, I am only going to use the first 8 shafts. Will there be any problems if I take all the heddles off shafts 11-16 except for a few at the very end?

Also, does anyone know a spiffy method for keeping the beater bar vertical while sleying the reed?

I am attaching a picture of my warping-in-progress in the "my logo" space. The warp is fingering weight wool dyed with all different kinds of natural dyes - mostly from around my house (except the reds and blues).

Thanks for your help!




Posted on Mon, 02/22/2010 - 05:25

You can take all the heddles off except a few at each side in order to hold the shaft stable.

As for keeping the beater vertical, I just just the first bout. i.e. I sley about an inch worth of warp, tie a slip knot, and then let the beater rest against the knot.  It may require letting off more warp to get it at just the right place, but it works for  me.  :)