heddle density

I'm about to start the silk sample for the christening gown (which may be abandoned as my niece moved up the event from March to January!).  I've spread out the plain weave over 6 shafts.  I've estimated that the sett will be 100 epi and will be 24" wide at the reed..  At that sett, even with the plain weave spread, I need about 300 heddles on each of these 6 shafts.  I'm weaving this on the AVL WDL 24/24.

Has anyone tried 100 texsolve heddles per inch? What issueds did you encounter.  I'm concerned about 2 things, getting the heddles that close together, and the shafts grabbing each other given how close they are.

Would love to hear about any of your experiences and suggestions you have.



Posted on Sun, 12/06/2009 - 17:25

If you are doing a plain weave, then you are hardly restricted to 6 shafts.  Why not go ahead and thread up a straight draw on all 24 shafts?  It won't make a whit of difference and will spread the heddles less tightly.

this would give you 75 heddles on each shaft (if I did the arithmetic right..not my strong point (-;).

This does bring up the issues of tailoring the work to the available tools.

Of course, if you had planned a pattern weave in addition to the plain weave, then you would have to re-do your draft, but most are do-able this way.

Nancy C.

Posted on Sun, 12/06/2009 - 18:47

The pattern is a 3 end huck.  Can't (well, really don't want to) redo the draft.  I had the thought though, that if I intermixed the plain weave shafts with the pattern shafts if that might help as six packed shafts won't be right together.

What do you think of that idea.  Have you ever tried it?  What did it do to the shed?

Thanks for your thoughts Nancy.