First project finished!

I picked a table runner, threaded in Hollywood pattern, and woven with rag strips as my first attempt on the new loom.  After a few adjustments to the dobby, a little oil and a larger compressor, I finished my first project.  I figured out how to reverse the dobby in case I needed to unweave a pic which happened a couple times when not all the shafts lifted properly.  The front apron rod is so heavy that it unwinds the warp beam until the rod gets to the cloth beam, that was fun.  Hard to reach the air brake lever and wind the warp beam in the back at the same time.  I have enough warp for one more runner and then I'll thread for rugs. 

I am amazed how few problems I had getting this loom up and running.  I don't know that it has ever been fully functional.  And it sat in a warehouse for at least 1 year.  I am guessing it is at least 5 years old.  I have been talking with the folks that I got the loom from for over a year, can't believe it is finally in my studio and working!  A good day, and it's my birthday!


Posted on Fri, 04/22/2011 - 11:46

It's just a little runner to make sure the loom is functioning.  I noticed after taking the pics that I didn't thread the two green stripes the same.  Oh well, that's a design element, yes?  Anxious to get to a bigger "real" project.

My studio (basement) is pretty crowded with this loom in there but I can weave comfortably on all my looms.  There is another loom, a Glimakra, 64" in here too, just not in the pic.  Need to put an addition on the house so I have more room!

Posted on Mon, 04/25/2011 - 03:23

Is that a Nadeau loom in the foreground?

Edit - Never mind, I need to look closer.


Posted on Mon, 04/25/2011 - 12:50

It is an old Newcomb 4 harness rug loom.  It is the nicest loom for weaving rugs.  And it's in really good shape.  I got real lucky with that loom.  I keep thinking about selling it, but it's too nice to part with.