E-lift issues

OK, I've been on the phone with Lucinda and the usual "fix" of raising the face-plate all the way up is not working.  I threw in the towel for the day and will call her again tomorrow....IN THE MEANTIME I am throwing this out to the forum.

I step on the elift foot, the shafts to "whomp" and fall back down and everything stops.  I step on the foot...nothing.  I have checked the solenoid positions, the cam position, the slack in the cables, where the cables ARE, (in their proper slots etc), I take the dobby cover off, check the position of the faceplate put it all back together and turn everything on and "whomp" again.

this is wearing me down.

Since I need to get some silicone spray for the moving parts and tighten some things up, anyway, I am just leaving it all, as I said, until tomorrow.  I can always work on drafts (-:   We've had a LOT of damp weather around here, so I am getting stiff and squeeky stuff from the wood, as well....I might put a dehumidifier out there.  But that's not part of the problem, just annoying.

Nancy C.


Posted on Mon, 09/28/2009 - 07:05

I had this problem when my E Lift II was new.  Turned out the cable that goes from dobby to the knob on top of E Lift II box was not long enough.  When I'd do a "test" all the shafts would lift and then drop immediately, and then nothing.  Since the cable was too short the shafts weren't lifting all the way up so they'd drop and then the E Lift would have to be turned off/on to reset.  They sent me the proper length cable and it's been working fine now for over a year.  Bruce

Posted on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 21:14

We went through the cable issues and it was working fine before I left for England.  The first time I turned it on after I got back, it raised for a few shots than started that "clunk" business of lifting, then dropping, then nothing.

I am looking into trading it in for an air-lift system.   I don't mind the noise, kind of like it, actually.  I saw an air-compressor system on the norwegian Jacquard and didn't mind it at all.   My looms have their own "weaving shed" out back, and I live alone anyway, so it wouldn't be bothering anybody.

I am just so fed up with having to constantly adjust the elift!

Nancy C.

Posted on Tue, 06/22/2010 - 13:48

Hello Nancy,

I know it was some time ago now but how did you get your e-lift issues sorted out?

I have purchased one and am having some trouble with it. I wondered what the end result for you was.



Posted on Mon, 07/05/2010 - 12:43

ahhh, ok.  It had to be re-programmed, and I have had such a full summer so far I only just got to setting it up and it is working beautifully,  I was lucky enough to have Lucinda, who is now working in Georgia, for a carpet manufacturer, to pop over to spend the holiday weekend with me, here in "Lake Wobegon South"  and she made some mechanical adjustments to the my loom.  I did want to get the e-lift set up myself, though, before she got here so a) I could show off and b) she wouldn't feel obligated to bail me out.  I was so happy over the mechanical stuff that I gifted her my extra copy of "Keep Me Warm One Night!"  Happy to see the book go to a "good home!"  

She is such a lovely person and we had a ball, in between talking weaving and fiddling with the loom.  She got a HUGE dose of Southern small-town life and I hope she didn't "O/D" on it (-'  We had a lot of fun and I gave her all the requisite "tours" of houses, neighbouring towns and other historical sites as well as introducing her to a PARADE of friends and relatives since there was a big reunion/community picnic out in the country...she got a taste of "visiting on the front porch" here and there as I paid the required "calls" on various "f's and r's!!!!!"

 I get really proud of the folks around here and the way they welcome newcomers and take such a genuine and friendly interest in getting to know them.  ALl my out-of-town guests have gone away with warm and happy memories, I am glad to say.

Anyway, all is going quite smoothly.  Bear in mind that, sometimes, it is NOT something you are doing wrong!  Once the re-programming had been done, getting it going was a piece of cake!   Establishing "home position" is crucial, though.  Do that the first time and it will be fine.    The old AVL manuals are just, plain AWFUL and I know that L was working on them before she left to take the new job and I think she is still working on them.  We had a couple of chats about those, as well, with my "view from the peanut gallery" being offered.  Hope that helps  when she is writing the instructions.

She also showed me how to adjust the fly-boxes and the auto-advance, etc.  Now I am dying for my summer teaching to get over with so I can get back to weaving this wonderful taquete design I have on there (-'

Nancy c