Compressor Size Needed?

I got my loom threaded today with a narrow warp but am having trouble getting the harnesses to raise now that there is warp tension on the harnesses.  What size air compressor are you weavers using?  AVL guy told me I need a compressor capable of 10cfm.  I looked at specs for a 2.5 hp and it was only 6.4 cfm.  I find it hard to believe it take that big of a compressor to run this thing.  It is a 10 foot professional manual dobby loom.


Posted on Thu, 04/21/2011 - 00:43

I bought a rather large compressor - and I don't have the rug loom.  But I do have the treadle, fly shuttle and box changers on air assist so I figured bigger was better.

Ingersol Rand model T10

One reason for getting a larger capacity tank is that it doesn't cycle through quite so often as a smaller tank.....



Posted on Wed, 04/27/2011 - 12:15

I found a small compressor that is super quiet.  it is made by GMC.  They have videos on U tube showing it compared to regular compressors.  It is as quiet as they say.  It does run more frequently than a larger model, will have to see how much I use the loom.  If it wears out quickley I'll get a bigger unit next time.  I was worried it wouldn't have enough capacity to run the loom but it seems fine.  I have a small air leak to fix which should help too. 

I am done with my test piece and planning what I will put on next for a real project.  Very exciting.