AVLDrive Experience and Help

I have just purchased 24/24 AVL WDL.  I have been trying to get the AVLDrive to work.  I have already installed and uninstalled twice as I have been unable to connect with the CompuDobby.  When trying to connect I was told the FTD2xx.dll file was missing from my computer.  I did a little research on dll files and before chasing my tail thought I would ask AVL if that file was within their programing; no response yet.

I then remembered that AVL had suggested that one bookmark the AVLDrive download page in case you need to come back to it;  hmmm, I then thought maybe there are some issues??

Is anyone successfully using this program?  Is it my computer (Windows 7/64-bit) or the user, most likely?  Should I chuck it and just purchase the driver from Ingrid for my PCW software?

Thank you for any suggestions or advice anyone may be able to offer to me.