AVL and Air Compressors

Hi - I weave on an AVL A-Series Loom, 72" width, 12 harnesses with air compression to shoot the shuttle and lift the harnesses and I am curious as to what other AVL weavers use for their air compressors...I have 2 craftsman air compressors that I switch between, because although they meet the standards for what AVL told me I need for my loom, the run next to constantly and far past their appropriate duty cycles.  Which is worrisome in many ways.  Plus the noise drives me bonkers.

To clarify: I am using a 30 gallon 5 hp craftsman, horizontal tank

I just wanted to reach out and see what others may be using, to get recommendations, or even what does or doesn't work well for other weavers, as I would very much like to upgrade to a more appropriate compressor...I feel like I am weaving on borrowed time with mine! Thanks!