AVL Home Loom

AVL home loom


Hi there ...new to Weavolution...and new to this AVL 40" home loom...have had lots of loom...but this is the first AVL...Does anyone here have one...I would like to know how to keep the side tie-up 'thingys' from getting hung up on each other.....I have spent days tearing this loom apart and putting it back together ...with my modifications, of course..spacers between all the pulleys and lamms...some adjustments to the heddle height...this one has the full frame harness w/ inserted eye heddles...any suggestions will be helpful....JLR


I invite Judy to join Weavolution to get help with her AVL questions. With the "move" & everyone in NM her posting on the AVL group site did not get a reply. So I am reposting her question here for her.



Posted on Mon, 07/26/2010 - 12:14

Hi Michael,

I am posting to this note so it gets a red "new" on it in the list.  I think it got lost in the excitement of moving the site.

I hope Judy has joined us.  The new Tour of Weavolution will be up later today.  It's a great place to start.


Posted on Sun, 08/01/2010 - 18:23

I have an AVL home loom which I love - I replaced all the metal heddles with texsolv - makes lifting much lighter. I have an older home loom (bought used) so yours may have come with texsolv anyway.
I find that I don't really have a problem with the side tie-up cables getting mixed up and lifting the wrong harnesses. If I tie it up carefully each tie-up cable and the "bunches" stay in place pretty easily - yes, once in awhile there's a problem, but not very often.