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Arizona Weavers


                                    Welcome all Arizona Weavers!
  Weavers from the entire state of Arizona are encouraged to participate. Let's meet our weaving neighbors.  Many of us probably live near one another and don't even know there is a weaving friend nearby.  Weaving is a solitary activity - let's get a cup of tea and visit with each other.
 Please share what is on your loom, upload a photo or two!
  So, besides what's currently on your loom, do you have a favorite item you like to weave?  Can you recommend Arizona weaving shops, or where you purchase your materials?  Do you have a favorite fiber you use or is there one you would like to try?  Do you have a favorite weaving blog you follow?  What have you learned or would still like to learn?  Have you heard of any local exhibits or workshops and festivals you'd like to attend or have attended?   Do you have any other ideas you want to introduce? 
  Let's make this group a resource for Arizonans as well as for those who might be visiting our Grand Canyon state.