French Angora

I've been working with angora lately.  From plucking the fiber is going directly into the dye pots.  Oh boy does angora take up the color nicely!  After dying, I'm combing the fiber.  I can't pull it into a top because it is just too fine and staticy.  So, I'm pulling the fiber off the combs, then twist the end of the fiber around my finger, holding it tightly, run the butt end through the combs, till I have both ends nicely combed.  I'm spinning from these little bundles of combed fluff. 

In the past I have had trouble with woven angora stretching out of shape.  So, I'm spinning fine and tightly.  I really like the resulting yarn.  I am tempted to make a cabled yarn with some of it.  I cabled a little piece and really liked that yarn.  The only reason I might not do that is that I want the yarn to go a long way.  I suppose I could spin even finer, then cable, but it is already a slow process.  The two ply yarns are a fine lace weight.

Anybody else working with angora these days?

Aunt Janet