We are at the last week!

Where did the time go? After I get off here I am going to try and get a bit of weaving in this evening. I have been weaverly and procrastinatings all at the same time! the pile of hemming I was going totackle this month is still sitting there waiting for me. But I think I can get the never ending towel warp off the loom by the 31st. Phew! Come on my little arachnisds - let's weave away this last week!


Posted on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 21:39

But that mainly pertains to you all, as I am in Washington DC on business.  But I will be back to it on Wednesday.

Posted on Mon, 10/24/2016 - 13:18

woven last night. I am determined to get this warp finished this month. The stack of hemming will just have to wait. It's been waiting months and in some cases years, so it can wait a bit longer. . . .


Posted on Wed, 10/26/2016 - 23:22

OK, arachnids.  I returned to SLC today, and spent the past 2h unweaving a towel I wasn't happy with , and substituting a softer spun 8/2.  I've woven two complete repeats - I think its better than the 5/2 pearle. 

Posted on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 13:39

I managed to get about 5-6 inches woven last night. I can see my last round of warping sticks so the end is near!


Posted on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 15:49

this month went.  I managed to finish nothing!  I did get the mistake fixed on my tapestry and have that weaving well again.  I also dressed two looms:  Kessenich floor loom has a run of tote bags on it and weaving, and Glimåkra has some hopefully fast and easy rag placemats on and weaving.  I had to get something back on the Glimåkra once I finished the inaugural run of towels.  I had to figure out something for just 2 shafts since I sent one of my lamms off to be replicated and I didn't have enough lamms for something 4 shafts.  Rag placemats fit the bill.  Maybe I can quickly finish something up before the end of the month.

Posted on Fri, 10/28/2016 - 01:11

So I was trying to weave on the rag placemats tonight and all the sudden I had broken ends in the strangest places, too many to try to fix.  I unwove the rag picks, cut the sassy, haunted warp off the loom, wound another, beamed it, threaded it, and as I am sleying it - ends are breaking from just using my sley hook.  I have a rotten cone of black carpet warp, or actually a cone of rotten black carpet warp - grrrr!  Two warps shot.  I just didn't think it was the yarn, a spell was cast on my ability to reason.  I was attributing my troubles to the loom being new to me and not the yarn.  So I am done with fiber tonight for tomorrow is another day (imagine a very dramatic facial expression).

Posted on Fri, 10/28/2016 - 04:45

or rather cursing warp.  I realize in retrospect that I have had good luck with yarn.  But recently I purchased 8/2 cotton from WEBS, in white, and I've had 3 spots where the warp has broken.  The brand-new yarn is not robust.  Mine, with only 3, I can just repair.  But its a good lesson to actually do a snap test before measuring. Theresa, I wish you a good and restorative night's sleep, and a great day tomorrow.


I am back at my squiggly column dish towels, and have to say that I am really enjoying this.  I can somehow find a rhythm OK despite using two shuttles, and I am pleased with the pattern.  It reminds me a bit of brich or aspen trees, with their white bark and dark lenticels.


And my walking loom is more-or-less working, and once I got over the mental block of switching to a walking treadling, I managed to get about 10 inches woven on that warp.  This is all good, because it means I can go back to my favorite thing - planning the next projects!

Posted on Fri, 10/28/2016 - 12:29

inches woven last night. I can do this, I CAN finish this warp before midnight Monday!I figure if I say that often enough it will come true.

Sorry to hear about the warp issues Theresasc. Hang in there.


Posted on Mon, 10/31/2016 - 01:29

was going to be the last towel on the unending warp and , surprise! I think I will get another short towel out of it. Sigh. . . SO I am using up quills and making a satriped towel. Unfortunately most of the bobbins I have are wound with darkish cotton so it iwillbe a dull towel but it will still work as a towel!


Posted on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 01:06

finished a towel on this warp from hell and there is still warp to go. . . I think it is a magic warp and keeps mutiplying on me. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that when I had this warp wound out, I had it done for 6 towels, I am now halfway through towel number 8. . .  Granted nearly 2 and a half years have gone by since I put this warp in the MW, but really. . . 8 and maybe 9 towels. . . .? So it is not getting finished tonight. But I did manage to get it much farther along than it was and I picked out the yarn for my color challenge, so Halloweave was not a total loss.


Posted on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 05:43

I so know what you mean. I finished up my Tencel scarves tonight. I thought I had warp for 3. I ended up with 4 long scarves. I am happy to say they are now off the loom and drying my bathroom. I will post pictures when they are dry and trimmed.