Whatcha Doin'?

I haven't even been able to warp my loom yet--buried under homework, housework,kids, and a commission for garb. How about you? What are you working on? Loom warped, weaving happening, frustrations?



Just got my first loom: Ashford 8-shaft 24". It's all put together, and I will start a class tomorrow night! Really jazzed up! I have been knitting since before I was born, and started spinning last December (Lendrum). I love it all and NEVER thought I would be interested in weaving--just too complicated and too large a learning curve, but thanks to YouTube and Craftsy, I'm hooked without ever even experiencing my first "shot" (or does Vodka count?) Will report in later! Any suggestions, comments are appreciated!


My new Ashford table loom arrived yesterday afternoon and is nearly ready to use. It's also an 8-shaft 24-inch model, and an early Christmas present from my husband. He bought it for me, since my floor loom is all packed up--we're in the process of moving--and knew I could use it now as well as later for small projects and sampling. I'm very much a beginner too, though I have also been a knitter for many years. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was still a young girl, so I've done fiber arts of one sort or another most of my life. I still don't know how to spin, though I imagine I'll get around to that someday. It's so fun to see all the different ways yarn can become cloth and then clothing!

Hi everyone!  I bought my first loom (8 shaft table loom) on 7 December, and am now officially addicted!  After doing a sampler, have now woven a few strips of fabric ... one has just been sewn into a cowl ;)

About to warp up again, since I just can't stop!  It's great using up old yarn that I've had for years ;)


I'm another relatively new owner of an Ashford 8 shaft table loom - 32". I got it from my Dad and hubby for my birthday in October, and was both astonished and **thrilled**! So far I've woven a tea towel, two tops and the fabric to make my little grand daughter a dress. I also have been knitting forever, and started spinning two and a half years ago when my (wonderful) husband got me a wheel for my birthday. I can't wait for my granddaughter to be old enough to learn fibre arts - she's crafty and artistic, and I am looking forward to a lot of fun with her!

I'm thrilled to find this group.  I recently purchased a new-to-me Ashford 24" 8H table loom, and am just getting acquainted with it.  I have a 4H Artisat, so I'm thrilled with having 8 harnesses.  My inaugural project is a 6 Shaft waffle weave.  It's forcing me to pay attention to my tension and my beat, which is still a challenge for me on a new loom (let's face it, it's also a challenge on my floor loom - I still have a lot of technique to work on after 4 years.)  Anyway, I'm happy to find this group, and I think that I'm really going to enjoy this new loom.



Just finished a sample project on my Ashford 8-shaft table loom and now want to work with a 'real' project. Yet I'm grappling with trying to pick apart how to read a draft. When I think I have it figured out, I get stuck on another element of it. I'm not understanding how the warping order draft is to be read. If I have this correct, it's the order in which you wind the warp. But how do you read the warping draft to wind the warp in it's correct order?

If anyone is interested in working with me to pick apart in how to read a draft, I would love to set up a Skype or telephone appointment to chat with you.

I live in Canada, Calgary, Alberta and really want to keep momentum going here with weaving. I just can't seem to find a good resource that teaches you, step by step, the process of reading a draft. I get the feeling that when I listen or read about it, there are areas of assumption in the teachings, which I need to know about.

Thanks for your time ladies and I hope to hear from you soon.


Weavo will help!  And do note that we also have some amazing men here who weave. 

I recommend that you post the particular draft you are trying to pick apart.  Then the community here can see who has the same book/magazine/etc containing the draft, and you are more likely to get a volunteer. 

It also helps to know if you warp front-2-back or back-2-front, that way someone who does it the same as you can help guide you.

Best of luck, and keep in touch here!


Thank you Queezle, and nice to e-meet you. Ooops, and my apologies to the amazing men who are part of this group. Laughing

I will find a pattern I wish to endulge in and post it soon. I tend to want to challenge myself with something complicated, and will try to watch what I choose. I warp back-2-front so will keep to this technique - curious, it makes a difference though in how you read a draft? So much to learn.

Enjoy the day!


Nancy - From one of the "guys".  If you don't have it yet, pick up a copy of Deborah Chandler's Learning to Weave.  That was my first weaving book recommended from a course that I took many years ago.  I still go back to it for one thing or another.  The first part is basic skills, the second half gets into reading and understanding drafts.  If you subscribe to Handwoven magazine, they have a Reader's Guide page in each issue with simple instructions on the way the drafts are written for that magazine along with other tips.


I will be doing so, thanks! Want to attend their meeting coming up in September. I'll have to give them a call before then too.


Hi LauraFry,

Just signed up for a beginner weaving course for September with Heritage Weavers. Pumped! The light bulb went off in my head about reading drafts too. Smile I have a new project going to make waffle weave kitchen towels. Here's hoping it works out.

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