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What makes a Mirrix Loom different from all other looms?

Mirrix Looms have many functions. There are no other looms like them in the world.

As a tapestry loom: The Mirrix Looms ranging from 12 inches wide (The Little Guy) to 38 inches wide (The ZeusLoom) are considered tapestry looms (even though they also work as bead looms) because they all have the unique Mirrix Shedding device. This practical device allows you to easily make a shed (for non-weavers, that means the space between the raised and lowered warps). You need high tension for tapestry and the Mirrix Loom provides the greatest tension of any portable tapestry loom. Without such tension it is nearly impossible to weave a tapestry with even selvedges. The Mirrix is the perfect tool for making a perfect tapestry.

You can add a stand and treadle to turn your portable Mirrix Loom into a floor loom. The great thing about this combination of loom, stand and treadle is that functions just like a floor loom but takes up a fraction of the space and can be easily disassembled for storage or to just remove the loom itself and take it to a workshop. The stand works with any of our loom and the treadle is clearly meant for those that include the shedding device.

As a bead loom: The Mirrix is a pioneer in the world of bead weaving. Our two smallest looms act very much like traditional bead loom (they do not include the shedding device) but are different in that the tension makes weaving beads so much easier and the product so much better. Our MiniMirrix is indeed a loom you can throw in a bag just like you would knitting or crochet. The LaniLoom is intended for much larger pieces and stands vertically on a table.

And then there are the looms sized 12 inches wide and up that can also be used for bead weaving. Those loom include the shedding device which provides a secondary method for weaving beads. This method is great for wider pieces (beaded tapestries). Once you've got in mastered, it's faster than the more traditional method of bead weaving.

Mirrix Looms are engineered to last for years and years. They are elegant pieces of machinery that will help you turn your yarn or beads into a masterpiece. They will also work for wire weaving and a combination of tapestry and bead weaving.




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