I believe damask is normally woven face down. This is what I  have done so far, but occasionally I do mistreadle, which causes long floats on the face of the cloth, which if woven down I do not see until the cloth is off the loom.

I am about to embark on weaving silk damask yardage. A friend who weaves, but does not weave damask or on a double harness loom, advised me to just weave it face up. I have woven a sample face up and there are some difficulties with the pattern shafts falling when switching. I would like to hear thoughts of more experienced drawloom weavers, before I make my decision.




Su Butler

HI Erica....I weave damask face up because I want to see precisely what my pattern looks like as I am weaving.  Woven face up or face down, mistreadlings will cause problems.  Am I correct in supposing you are talking about weaving satin damask?  I am not sure what you mean when you say, "there are some difficulties with the pattern shafts falling when switching".....are you using draw shafts?  Is the problem with them or your ground shafts?  What kind of loom are you using and what is your threading and tie up??  



I am weaving pseudo-satin (only using 4 ground shafts). I am weaving with a Myrhead Drawloom on my Glimakra loom. Yes, the slight problem I am having is the pull handles for the pattern shafts slipping out and dropping the pattern shafts that I need pulled.


This weaving is going right along. I am still strugglingvwith tgexsged a bit. I havw a new,Folke shuttke on rhe way. 

However I have noticed the left side of the shed is smaller than the right. Also my shafts are not returning to neutral. I am using the drall pulleys and elastics 

Thanks for any advice!


So I finally have an optimal shed. I tied two balancing treadles ala Joanne Hall and my shed is much better now! I still have one treadle that has a slight issue, but I should be able to figure that out soon! Yay!!!

Joanne Hall

Great.  I am glad that your shed is better.  You will keep learning new things with each warp.  I keep learning and that is part of the enjoyment. 



Where did you find out about the "balancing treadle ala Joanne Hall"  ? Is there a book?  I am assembling the parts for a single unit draw loom - Myhred Drawbridge came the other day, have extension plans from Woolgathers, driving to Vavstuga on Wednesday to pick up 100 cm Lilla.  I have the Vavstuga Drawloom video, Daamask book translated from Norwegian, and When a Single Harness is Not Enough.  I am looking for book and article recommendations.


Thank you all so much for your advice. I wanted to share my first project from the warp! It is a 7th C Persian Cowl.

A smiling woman wears a cowl made of handwoven purple and black damask cloth.