Weaving Chenille

I am just learning how to weave and am getting an Ashford 4 shaft table loom to work on.  I want to weave chenille scarves.  I understand that chenille has special needs in weaving (I have knitted with it so I am familiar with the yarn).

When I purchase equipment, what do I need in the way of heddles, etc that would specifically work with 1300 rayon chenille.  I have ordered Su Butler's cd but want to make sure I get started purchasing the right equipment. 

I imagine I will stick to 1300 yarn weight for weaving scarves.  I already have several cones and don't see any reason to change weights.

Spinning Ginny




HI Ginny......it doesn't really matter which heddles you choose as long as they have a relatively large eye.....there are some flat steel heddles with a very small eye and those are not the best for chenille, but the flat steel with the larger eye work great, as do inserted eye heddles and Texsolv heddles.  From what I recall of the Ashford table looms, the heddles provided wit the loom will work well.   If finances allow, you might want to consider using an end feed shuttle to weave your chenille.  Boat shuttles will certainly do, but end feed shuttles allow the same weft tension with every pick, and that is something that will only help when weaving with rayon chenille. 

You can get a lot of chenille handling information in my book, which you have ordered.  Take the time to read it through so you understand what can go wrong with chenille and how to elimnate those problems. 

Enjoy your chenille weaving experiences....and hope you will share some pics of your finished products!


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