Understanding Rayon Chenille available again!!



Hi Everyone....thought I'd mention here that my book, Understanding Rayon Chenille, is once again avaiable.  This time the format is a CD, which can be read on your computer in any size you desire.  All the original info and drafts/photos are on the CD, and each cd is individually registered to you alone!   Details about ordering are on my website at www.subudesigns.com.  Shipment of CD's will begin in late August, and there is a financial incentive to those who order before August 1, 2009.  See the website for details.

Please tell everyone you know that has interest in the book that they now have an opportunity to purchse it for themselves, and thanks to everyone for all the support shown over the years!


Su :-)




This was very old conversation (see original date of post is 2009 - 10 years ago!) that was recently reloaded to Weavo.

Contact or google Su Butler. Her site is updated as she lists teaching dates in 2019.


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