Time To Cast Those Tapestry Spells- Halloweave!

Ready !  Set ! Go ! It's the day to start brewing up a big cauldron of magic ! We'll be weaving Tapestry together over the next month so let's make it a good one! When you post your projects be sure  to tag them Halloweave 2015 ! This is a place for experimentation, learning, having fun, asking questions, experiencing setbacks, needing encouragement, hoorays, and many more things! Please don't be nervous about sharing, no judgement here, expect celebration! One of the goals is to commit  to weaving Tapestry everyday! So let's get to it! Happy Halloweave!




Welcome moonmaiden!

I am at a point where I find myself meshing with things,  like tapestry, tgat I always wanted to do, but didn't get on with the first time I tried them. Wish me luck on dispelling my tapestry demons. ;)


Hi Moonmaiden and Erica, I have a tentative plan of what I'm going to do but of course it could change before Oct. 1 ! I have a little Hockett tapestry loom and a small Mirrex that I'm going to use for sampling for a larger tapestry that I want to work on. I'll be traveling to California on October 2, and will take the Hockett loom with me, extra warp, and plenty of weft so I can weave everyday! I will be exploring how to make the earth look pebbly, how to make colors move, weaving water, trying to capture the wind blowing on the water. Let's hope I can " cast these spells" !

what will you two be doing?   Cathie ( Erica, love " dispelling " very clever!)


i'd always thought that tapestry was something I didn't need to do but then the local craft barn had small weaving frames on sale and around the same time I unearthed some  photos I'd taken at the Getty Villa in LA, a very photogenic place, a few years ago.  I think I might have read something about woven postcards in Handwoven and then this came along - it was meant to be.  I have a warp on the loom, ready to make a start tomorrow, just need to finish some entries for a local show and prepare for a market stall on Sunday, before I give it my full attention


Welcome Louiseinoz! I read something about woven postcards too! It may even have been a Call For Entry for A Small Format Tapestry Exhibit, this was a few years back. That sounds very cool !

I really look forward to seeing your progress, and sharing mine! This is going to be a great group!

P.S. Good luck with your booth, and getting ready for the show:)


Today I'll finish dressing my Mirrex loom. It needs the heddles, then all the fiddling of spacing, twining , and putting in a header.

i'm also warping up my Hockett Tapestry loom, if you haven't seen one ,it's a very small frame loom. It will only take about 20 minutes.

I will be sampling the month of October for a Large Format Tapestry I want to do. Colors, textures, techniques, etc. I 'm going to post some of the design methods I used to create a surface on paper that will guide me in sampling, later today.


I like to do tapestry weave for braids, which I usually sew to clothing (for me or my dolls). I eventually want to try weaving a bunch of them and then making them into a handbag, though. Which I may try doing for Halloweave. This is my first year taking part, and I'm excited about it! ^_^ 

I started my first piece today, on my Mini Mirrix Loreli loom. It's my favorite, so cute! This piece will have purple and green owls on an orangey background. I need to make up a project page for it, I'll try to do that tomorrow. I'm not very experienced in weaving, tapestry or otherwise, but I do enjoy it, and I look forward to seeing what you all do this month :D


Hello, Caidanbi and Nakia, Welcome to Tapestry House; Daily Spells! Caidanbi your tapestry woven braid sounds wonderful and perfect for Halloweave! Can't wait to see it as you go along ! what kind of materials and sett do you use for a narrow piece with that much detail?


Thank you, Cathie! I am using an organic linen yarn for warp and weft. This is my first time working with linen, but I really like it so far! As for sett, on this loom everything is 14epi unless I remove the coil and try to squeeze the warp threads closer together without it ;P Since this is my first time using this particular yarn & fiber, I left it alone. I should have an owl done soon, so I'll try to post a pic when I do :)


Awesome ! Spent part of the morning drawing rocks with accent colors on my design. Tapestry design fail. But I know what I have to do and that is make the rocks bolder i.e. Bigger! now I've had a nap, ate my lunch, and am ready to go cast some wickedly good spells, lol, I hope!


My pix from today's hockett loom didn't ;turnout and don't have time to retake ,gotta pack and have a class! But here is the painting of the rocks at the bottom of the Patagonia Tapestry I'm sampling for and here are the yarns I'm trying out. Started a rock today, unimpressive so far, but will get better ;)Wait I think I see my hockett loom in there!

patagonia tapestry painting rock sample

yarns for patagonia tapestry rocks



Ooh, looks interesting! And all those yarns looks lovely, especially the tiny ones in front! I cant wait to see how you use them :D 

Here is my progress so far, from today and yesterday:

I think once I get used to the pattern it will go a little faster. I'm going to try to work on it a little more today before dinner is ready...





Thank you Cathie for welcoming me to your "Tapestry House of Daily Spells". I'm new on the forum and this will be my first Halloweave to participate in. If I get posting stuff a bit wrong for this thread, well just blame 'the evil spirits' that seem to be casting this irresitble spell on me to create a devilishly spellbinding tapestry. 


I don't have much time on work days which are actually nights for me to do much weaving. I work 12 hr shifts 4 nights with a rotating schedule of 4 off. Live 50 miles from my work and have parrots & dogs to get fed once home in the mornings. Not trying to give excuses if I stumble a bit and miss a day or two of weaving or posting progress. I shall defiantly blame the little demon on my shoulder whispering in my ear to leave the weaving to the black widows and come away with him to dreamland.


Here is a photo of the little portable tapestry loom bought about a week before I bought my upright loom recently. My upright is not quite ready for a warp, waiting for the reed to come in that was put on backorder. This loom will be much easier to work something up in a short amount of time.


I plan to have no plan in what I choose to weave. I am leaving this one up to the witches who will be stirring their cauldron of spells over in the corner of my little 'House of Horrors', better known as my weaving studio. They assure me they are cooking up a spicy, yet tasty array of weaving for me. Time will tell if I live over this or be banished to my sarcophogus  to live out Halloweave 2015 in shame only to rise again next year with new 'Daily Spells' in my bag of tricks.


Note: The throw behind the loom is store bought, not made by me. Used for background in photo only.

"Kliot" Tapestry Table Loom




Very neat ideas you have there Cathie for your project. I really like the colors you have chosen. Will eagerly wait to see more of your interesting layout for your weave.

Caidanbi adorable owl! Love his colors. Must see more of this cutie as you progress.


Caidanbi, love your owl :) do you have other creatures up your sleeve?

Nakia, the cauldron of spells awaits you whenever you want to partake ! The witches are on strict orders not to turn us into toads if we miss days, so you are safe:)

Glad you like the colors! They will be fun to play with!

It's nice to have a smaller loom, so much easier to warp! I like having my small tapestry looms , which I also do finished work on, for sampling it saves me so much time in the long run, plus it's freeing, and fun!

I'm traveling out to CA today so I'll be weaving ghoushlishly late! As if it isn't a spooky hour now, and the wind is howling....perfect Halloweave night:) Boo!


I love the colors that you have for Patagonia.  How fun for you to be starting out on it.  I am enjoying reading about your design process.  I tend to weave by the seat of my pants, I really need to be a bit more disciplined in my designing, I probably would have a lot more success that way.

Caidanbi, cute owl!  It looks great.


Nakia, thank you! I almost finished another owl today (this one is green), but ran out of time, so I'll finish him tomorrow. Like you, I don't have a ton of time to weave on work days either, but I will do more on the weekends :)

Cathie, thank you! As for other creatures, well... you just never know what I'll conjure up ;) Trick or treat. hehe 

theresasc, thank you! :)


Well the black widows who live behind the Great Wheel in my weaving studio have been a bit busy. Not as busy as I had wanted. The big bossy one does not like being told what to do. She has this very nasty attitude and is friends with the troll under the table loom. The little imp troll has more than once unraveled weaving while I slept!


I got the warp ready today, now on to getting it on the other side of the loom. The warpng pegs on this little loom are not very long and my big warping board is occupied with my warp for the upright. I did the warp in 2 sections of 20 ends. I am not warping this loom the way it usually would be. I am attempting a different way, may not work. If not I will plead with the witches to "magically" make the warp appear on the loom. Let's hope they don't decide to string it all about the bird cages instead.



I seem to have acquired a wee little helper. She was busy helping me yesterday unwrap my turkish spindle, climbing all over the box while I cut it open. Today she watched me the whole time I warped. Now she is tucked in the corner of the light contented that I did a good job with warping.






Nakia, the creepy crawlie is one of the best weavers in the world, how fortunate she came to help, truly a good omen of things to come! 

Thereasc, i realize now I should have done much of this design work before I got to this point, making size decisions, sett decisions etc. however I haven't started the big one yet so this is good ! Being restricted in what I can do , and deciding to work sampling this month is making me re-evaluate the whole cartoon. It really lacks a lot of detail. I think I'd be ripping out a lot because I wasn't clear about how I really wanted things to look. I still like spontaneity and I think there will be lots of deviation from the plan. What's going to be interesting is can I even make it look anything like the plan:) cast a spell for me on that one :)

so unweavers in the middle of the night? I think they hit my suitcase while I was taking the airplanes out to California yesterday! There certainly was a lot of fluff about! 

I decided, that the evil  trolls that live under the bridge along the dried up creek bed( poor california!) outside our hotel room, will not whisper in my ear, " Rip it out!, Rip it out!" There will be no ripping out, I will live with all I weave in my samples:)

off to my little Hockett loom, good coffee and some mystery movie on t.v.:)

i will try to post I-phone to I-pad to Weavolution pix today, never done that before! 

Good work ALL of you!


A bit of tapestry and the plan is brewing. First a confession. I've had a tapestry warp on my Dryad loom so long the bit I got woven last time is now really faded, so that is my header. I also own a ton of gorgeous tapestry bobbins. This is how my plan started brewing. So my start to mybtaoestry spell is going to be to begin witb what is already only bobbins and tackle one technique a day! 

You all have great plans and I can't wait to see how they all shape up!


Samples  Halloweave 2015

 I see you've been casting spells, Erica! Great! Often the best colors are left on those left other bobbins:)

I'm going to attempt to show you what I did this a.m.Shooting the pic from the I-pad, I hope no gremlins interfere ! 

Oh, ok the photo is upside down and really bad, grr! So what I said below about things on the left , are now on the right etc. !

First what I did. At first I thought everything looked quite drab from the initial weaving session of Oct 1. so on Oct 2, I started introducing more color to the weft bundle , tans to the left and creams to the right. But the the Rock was still looking lack luster. So today, I dropped out some do brown and added one strand of rusty orange and finished the stone. 

So I looked at it and had a couple of thoughts. First, my painting is too brown for what it really looked like. It doesn't mean it can't be that way, but I don't want it to look like sand between the rocks ! I want every little detail in this piece to be rough and strong. Beautiful colors, but nothing soft and gentle, that's not what I want to convey. Second I don't like the texture of the two different kinds of wefts together in the bundle. If you look at the left I hope you can see it. I feel it ruins the strong ribbing of tapestry, which again helps convey what I want. So, above is the rusty red stone, with a grey/light brown on the left and right.that's as far as I got:) so now I'll try the pic, this will take a mighty spell!

see you all tomorrow, thisgang of mighty spell casters!



Well, I've gatherered most of the things I need, even found my sole tapestry bobbin, just need to draw some sort of cartoon and start putting weft to warp.  Here is the progress (or lack thereof) to date


Sample rock tapestry Patagonia

Nice loom Louiseinoz ! I like the notches top and bottom, may I ask want kind it is? 

OK , it's upside down but you can see the the color blending and if you look hard, especially on the left, you can see the change in texture which I don't like.

more Later, the loom is calling me, Cathie, oh, Cathie.......



I forumlated a bit more of a plan today. I have a small booklet that goes over many techniques, so my plan is to work through the illustrated techniques each time I get the opportunity to weave and see how far I get. I know terribly rigid of me. :)


Wow!! Lots of ~~*Spell Casting*~~ happening here in the last couple of days~~ Good work everyone, our team **ROCKS**


Nice colors starting to appear Erica. Your *Spell Book* is full of devilish tricks I see. Excited to see what spell you cast next with your tapestry.


Very *Ghostly* start you have stirring within the earthly boundaries of your loom Cathie. Your cauldron is brewing up a mighty nice treat  yet to come for us here.


OOH!  *~Very~Weaverly~* your spell casting tools will be louiseinoz.  Wiil be anticipating much "out of this world" weaving to come. Smile




Oh how wicked the little red demons living above the squirell cage swift have been. They teamed up with the troll to destroy not one but two  attempts to warp my loom! I went to my purple book of demon & troll shrinking spells and found that the vampire bats had torn the pages I needed out.


I'm not easily discouraged by their schemes and giggles. Sat on my mushroom weaving bench pondering my next move. I decided to go to the source and ask ~~Spider Woman~~ for help. She sent me to the big rock down by the cottonwoods to dance with Kokopelli. His flute warned me to watch out for the trickster ~~the coyote~~ who has been scheming with the demons and trolls. Along my way back I speak with my buffalo totem who shows me a vision of a glistening tight warp. I am confident this time it will work.


I decide to go with what I know best and warped it the third time in the Navajo style. And now I know what I will be working up for this project. We shall see if coyote, red demons & troll will stay cowering in the corner back behind the macaw cage. For now they have decided their evil spells are not as powerful as Spider Woman's wisdom.


Next up~~adding selvege cords, & creating sheds. Then weaving a few lines to set the warp.





Hey Erica, it's a plan! Sounds very Halloweave to me!

Nakia, your adventures, harrowing indeed, seem to be part of the Tapestry Troll 's Trouble Tricks Team! I've heard of them before but only from afar, Be Creative, is your only line of defense , since this gives them fright and makes them run in suspense! You were wise to call upon Spider Woman's protection and advice! With her mighty weaverly way she will cast a safety dome over you plus your loom, saving you from all anxiety and doom!

today I wove very early morn the second rock. Out in California still and getting frustrated that I can't walk over to my stash and get additional colors!(  No pic today, we were flying around with our daughter!) the second rock is finished, eh, it's alright. Used more rusty brown then brown in the weft bundle for a while and then tried some color blending with hachure. A little improvement. 

however every revision I make brings forth lots of what ifs and that's what I'm looking for! So in many ways I've just begun!

my pix will be much better when I get home to my normal camera! 

Stir that Cauldron , Cast those Spells!  You all are doing great! 


I have made a start - the book I'm using says - weave a hem - so I've woven a hem.

Cathie, my loom is a Semco loom which will mean nothing to you. Semco was a manufacturing haberbashery firm here in Melbourne from around 1907 to the 1990s when it was taken over by Coats-Patons.  I can remember using their embroidery threads ( until I realised DMC had more colours and were better quality) and probably could find some of their bias binding somewhere in the stash if I looked.  They were said to be enlightened employers of their time and had parkland attached to their factory.  I think we had Sunday School picnics there.  

I bought the loom at Spotlight which is one of our local craft barns. It was $24.99, reduced from $34.99. If you took 10% of a Michaels, with 10% of a JoAnns and 10% of a Bed Bath and Beyond it would look a lot like Spotlight.  You can see I know my way around the US craft barns, and was very pleased when my cousin in LA bought a house within walking distance of JoAnns.

The loom is working quite well, it has a sort of rigid heddle beater affair which was fine for the hem.  The notches at the top and bottom are even better from the back, they stick out quite a long way, almost like teeth on a rachet and while it has proved hard to photograph, these might give you an idea. You can just see the warp wrapped around them

I did one other tapestry related thing tonight.  I had to go to a mind improving lecture after work at one of the big Catholic hospitals here.  I had to stop at the reception desk to ask for directions to the lecture and there behind the desk was a lovely tapestry based around the history of the hospital, with pictures of the old nuns who had established it in 1893.  The tapestry was woven here in Melbourne at the Australian Tapestry workshop - www.austapestry.com.au -  and features on their guided tour of Melbourne.  great for visitors, takes them all round the city visiting many of the public buildings but only the ones with a tapestry on public display.  I confess it's something I haven't got round to doing


Sorry I didnt update over the weekend it looks like everyone has been very busy casting spells! I did some of my own on Saturday but didn't get any work done on Sunday :( I have fibromyalgia, and was in a lot of pain, so I pretty much spent the whole day reading instead. I got a little more done today, but had to cut it short for the same reason *sigh* Hopefully tomorrow I can do more, and I will try to get a photo to post then too 

Nakia, I love your little spider friend, your spells should turn out great because of her! ;)


Hi All !

Louiseinoz, interesting history you shared about your loom! I'm so happy to learn about the tour of Melbourne one can take to the public buildings and view tapestries. We will go on it when we visit Australia someday!

in the first picture their is a photo of a facade with arc openings - is that what you'll be weaving? If so it's beautiful!

take it easy Caidanbi, no worries here, I hope you're feeling less pain soon.

i got some weaving down this a.m.! Changed the background slightly to a weft bundle of grey and tan. The stone a rich dark red brown. I plan to highlight it And graduate the color in the background.

travelling home tomorrow! It's been a great visit but their is no place like my studio!

keep up with those daily spells! I feel the vibes in the universe from all the collective creativity :)


i just found halloweave today, so I'm a bit behind. I really need to work on a scarf on my baby wolf for my sisters birthday, but I can't help but be intrigued by your projects. I have a tapestry warp on a Mirrix loom. I was just going to practice a few techniques, but never started because I got frustrated. I think my warp sett is too dense. But you all have inspired me to grab that loom and take another look. I read today to wrap a centimeter and use the number I get as my epi. 


I love the little owl. I've only done one sampler and a couple of tapestry dog collars, so I'm not sure how to get a cute owl. I know I should put a cartoon behind my warp. I might not get much done that looks good enough to share but I'd like to use this halloweave to learn to cast spells on helpless cartoons and capture them in my web! 


Now I'm off to dust off my loom, sweep away the cobwebs, and investigate my warped little project that has been in a coffin for far too long.


Welcome to our ghostly house of spells Mutz! Crack that coffin open and let those demons out. What will be left will be so rewarding to work with. We are excited to see what howling spells you will be casting on those unsuspecting poor little tapestry cartoons. 


Oh please do post your progress Mutz. We are all in this together. Spells that turn out good and ones that conger up the zombies of tapestries past. We stand proud to share with our partners in Halloweave. 



Goodness Caidanbi, hope you are feeling better today. I know someone who suffers with that too and it is sure not fun for her either. Rest all you can, the weaving is still there with you even when you can't work with it and that's what counts the most. 


I am still at work. Won't be home til close to 7:30 this morning. I hope to catch a min or two of weaverly spell casting on my project. Now if I said the words right before I left for work yesterday I may be pleasantly surprised to find my weaving done for me by the tiny fairy who hides in my yarn stash on the top shelf. Will check back with ya'll in a couple hours to let you know if it worked. 3 more nights of work and then II'm free to tackle those demons over my warp woes. 


Welcome Mutz! So happy to see you here at Tapestry House! We've been having fun casting spells and warding off ghostly ghouls!

Maybe I can answer some questions about your warp? Why do you think it's too dense? There are lots of ways to get around things, you just have to know how:)

please, post pix of your work progress, or questions! No judgement or critique here! just fellow weavers doing tapestry, some for the first or second time like yourself. 

it's middle of the night here in California; there's a very spooky zombie movie on T.V. In the hotel. It's on very low so as not to wake up my hubby or scare me too much! I think this is very Halloweave:)

getting ready to weave, before I go back to sleep again.

today is a travel day. We get back home around midnight. I will post better pix of my progress this week sometime :)

The Tapestry House is awesome! I love getting on here and seeing and hearing what everyone is doing! 




Home again, yes! Nope, that little tart must have gotten the old witch in the mesquite tree out back to thwart my efforts to cast a spell on her. No 'magical' weaving was added to my lonely tapestry while I was away. Note to self: First thing on my list Friday morning~~Fairy Be Gone Dust~~all about my yarn shelves. If Miss Prissy Fairy can't help me out, she will no longer freeload in my fiber fluff!


Safe travels to you & your hubby Cathie. Look forward to more spellbinding weaving photos of your work. Glad to hear those zombies did not find you in the hotel room. They are quite sneaky and determined I hear. LOL


Going to get a few mins of work done on my project, then feed the birds & off for my nap then get ready for another night in paradise~umm work. See ya'll later. Great weaving everyone. Looks awesome!!!Cool


Halloweave tan grams fat tapestry beginning

well last night, even though it was getting late, I didn't want to quit until I fixed my warp. I had warped Fisherman's Wool from Joanns at 10epi. the threads on the warp were jammed together so densely. So I wrapped the yarn around a centimeter of ruler and came up with 5 threads. I decided to use that as my epi. So all I had to do was spread the threads to every other dent in my warp coil. I ended up with 3 in each dent on the far left and 2 in each dent on the far right. But the majority is 5epi. It looks so much better.


i wove a header with the same yarn as the warp, planning it to be the background, but then decided the other weft threads would get lost in that. So I wove up some blue to be the background color. I'm ready to start trying to copy my cartoon. I did make a cartoon of three tangrams cats last night. I hope I can follow it. I'm ready to start on the cats.



I love you all! I love all the great references and the weaving! I'm not sure I'll get back to my tapestry this weekend. I'm off to my Guild's Come and Weave group and my tapestry is on my Dryad, loom which is not so portable.

I do have a tapestry loom tucked away at work, so maybe I'll get some weaving done on that this week. I did seriously enjoy the tapestry weaving I did this weekend!

At least I have all your spells to peruse during the week.


Have a great time Erica, we'll be here when you get back!

looking good Mutz ! So glad that you got your warp figured out:) you've gotten a lot woven so far, I like the blue! good luck on the cats, I'm sure you can follow your cartoon:) it's a very nice design !

we made it home safe and sound just a few minutes ago. Didn't see any Witches flying on their broomsticks while up in the air, greatly relieved about that!

tomorrow I have meetings but will weave too:) first up is adding more spice to my Vevgarn , ( the heavier yarn ) with a kind of wool that does not compromise the rib structure , like before.

so good to be home for Halloweave!



so here is a picture of my sampler - just messing around with yarns from the stash and Carol Russell's The Tapestry Handbook.

tapestry sampler 2015 
This is being woven on my Tissart, 12/9 cotton seine for warp and various rug wools from the stash.




Thereasc, WOW, you've been productive! What great angles, hatching and hachure ! Love the diamond:)

Carol Russell's book Handwoven Tapestry The Next Generation is one of my favs. Not only are the photos of tapestries inspirational but the techniques that she covers are so clearly illustrated ( photos, I think) and articulated.

I am weaving tonight along with the opening of HOCKEY SEASON ! What could be more perfect? Well, maybe you could think of something else,  but for me, it's nirvana:)


Theresasc that looks fabulous! Good job.

im camping with my husband and our two dogs so I can't work on the tapestry that I fixed the warp for. I'll work on that again in a few days. I did however clear a bead weaving project off a tiny loom. I then warped that loom for a small tapestry. That loom fits in a tiny box I can put under the car seat. So I can weave by campfire or with camp coffee in the mornings. 


AbeBooks.com is a great place to look for tapestry books! I just got off the site and saw 1 Carol Russell's book for 20.00 on page 32. That's a buy! Lots of Nancy Harvey, Kirsten Glasnivk(so?) , and historical weaving books. Watch the prices, they do go up! 

Mutz, weaving by the campfire and with coffee in the morn, sounds so weaverly - have fun, see you when you get back!




all been woven during Halloweave - it has been on the loom for a while and having a tapestry house has just given me a push to play again.

I am sure enjoying what everyone else has on the tapestry looms - a bunch of spooky fun!


Gorgeous tapestry theresasc! I love what you have chosen and the colors compliment each other so well. Will be waiting to see the finished project soon it looks like. :)


Super awesome that you can have your camping & weave it too, Mutz! LOL Love the idea of getting away from it all, yet keeping close to your heart and fitting in your love for weaving. :)


I am finally free of my chains and home for 4 days. The evil Sorcerer (aka~my Lt.) thought he could keep me locked in the tower for days. And for a short while I felt there was no hope of me ever breaking free to run & play under the weeping willow where the dragon flies weave magical flowers for all the butterflies to come enjoy a drink from.


I tormented, I fretted, I paced back and forth. I pondered on how I would ever get home to work on my weaving and stay in good spirits with the Good Fairy of Halloweave. This last day & night as I sat high above my kingdom looking out from my prison I felt something familiar in my pocket. It was my lucky 4 leaf clover a dear little leprechaun once gave me. He told me if ever I needed him, to spin 3 times counter clockwise & whisper "Jen Jen Le Deaux" only once. I did and to my surprise not one but 4 little jolly leprechauns stood before me. They whisked me away before the evil sorcerer knew what happened. Then they vanished as quickly as they appeared.


Today I hope to catch up on these last 4 days of very little work I could manage to squeeze in for barely five mins. I will report on my progress later tonight. For now I must go visit "The Dreamweaver" and fill my head with visions of beautiful tapestries. And as a side note, my sweet little spider (a jumping spider down here we all call fly spiders) has not left me yet. She is very contented to live on my big lamp I use for my portable loom here at my computer table. I would think this odd if not for the very reason we are all here excited about weaving. I feel she wants to help me stay on the path of good weaves & tight warps. Wink


Campfire weaving

I loved weaving at the campsite. I managed to weave by the side of our campfire. I did need extra light from a headlamp, which invited several "visiting" creepy crawlers. All in the name of Halloweave, I persevered through the audience I attracted. I must say, in the morning, only a few crows approached, but thankfully they didn't flap in my face like the creepy crawlers of the previous evening. 

Group Audience