Texture Exploration

Hello all!

I created this thread earlier in a different group, but this seems to be the place to talk about all things texture, so here it goes!

I have a new project coming up and I'm hoping to pick some brains.  I'm working in straight draw (12 harnesses) with a fairly hefty cotton warp (3.75/3).  The weft is also cotton, slightly lighter than the warp (3.75/2).  My goal is to explore as many textural options as I can within these constraights.  I have "An Album of Textile Designs" by Thomas R. Ashenhurst, so that's a good place to start-- but I was wondering if anyone has any good advice or thoughts on creating heavily textured weaves on straight draw, with similar warp and weft yarns.  In my previous experience, the warp yarn puffs up a bit more when washed than the weft yarn does, so that's something to consider.  I'm using an Ashford table loom.

Thanks!  Looking forward to this conversation...




OK, so I have mostly explored straight draw treadling options on 4 and 8 shaft looms. Working with a table loom, as you are, is the best, as you don't have treadle limitations. I fully explain my exploration process in my Exploring Twills Class. I don't want to give away the entire class. I will tell you my favorite part of exploration is combining different lifts together. For example, I discovered a texture I really like by interleaving the basic twill lifts with plain weave lifts.

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