Heads up, CHT is having their conference in June.  They added a pre-conference warp painting workshop when a felting teacher dropped out.  I really would like this workshop to go.

You don't have to attend the main conference.  Please note this is not natural dye but the technique will be interesting to learn how to apply it to natural dyes.

Jump over to this link for details.  http://cht2015conference.wssaustin.org/new-pre-conference-workshop/

Handpainted Warps — Ella Strawman

Wednesday June 24  — 1:30-5:30
Thursday June 25 —  9-6
Friday June 26 —  8:30-12:30

In Hand Painted Warps we will discover the beauty of hand dyeing warps for weaving!   While there are plenty of commercially dyed variegated yarns available to use in a warp, there are very few options that allow for color changes consistent across the width of your warp. By dyeing your own, you take total control of how you want your warp to be colored.  In this workshop, students will dye their organically grown Texas cotton yarn warp with Fiber Reactive dyes.