Well, it's know that Arizonans go out of town for the summer.  That means that soon everyone will return from Convergence and their vacations and get back to their looms.


The list has been verrrry quiet.  I have been weaving a good deal but haven't posted pictures yet.  Also, on Ravelry I belong to the spinning cotton group.  I am happy to say that through all the trials, as well as the little fence falling over on my prized plants from the monsoon last night, I will have some of my very own cotton to spin and weave.


I want to thank Claudia and the Weavolution staff for this wonderful interface upgrade.  It looks beautiful.


Also, the Porrey Cross Study Group in Tucson will be studying DoubleWeave beginning in September.  Contact LoisS here for more details.  All are welcomed.


This must be the year of DoubleWeave.  I have joined the Prescott Weavers Guild recently and there was DoubleWeave talk.  I'm not sure if it is being studied in September or not.  The Online Weaving Guild is just finishing a DoubleWeave study with Paul O'Connor.  And, Jennifer Moore has a new DoubleWeave book and DVD.  I have purchased, by mistake, not one, not two but three copies of this book.  I definitely need to make a list of what I purchase!  These pre-publication things get me every time.



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