FOUND a structo Spool winder.  Have not assembled yet.  Anyone ever used one?


sally orgren

Would Serendipity be interested in having those re-manufactured like the heddles? I certainly would!

At our guild meeting yesterday we had two amazing Structo 240/4's walk in the door. One was fresh out of the box—brand spanking new! (What an inheritance!) The other was more loved, with spools. As I was using one of my 240's for the demo, the new owners were happy to find a sister loom to their recent acquisitions.

Can you post photos?

rosearbor (not verified)

WHOA on both accounts.  I think someone could charge for loading spools- Structo certainly did. And a brand new out of the box Structo!  how cool!!!

rosearbor (not verified)

US patent 1907468 has a brief paragraph mentioning the winding machine and how it should work.

loomyladi (not verified)

So, now to get Bruce to make sure that it works properly and all that.  I'm taking it to the studio today and will get pics etc.  BTW, I do own a wooden structo, but alas have no spools to test this thing on.  Will keep you all posted.  I knew that Sally would be interested!  At the very least I can take it to Md S&W in May.

loomyladi (not verified)

There is also one on ebay at the moment for $400.  It does not have reeds, instruction manual, flyer, and other spare parts.  Yes, I would entertain offers on this item.