Structo 240 reeds

Is there any place that makes 10 & 12dpi reeds for the little structo?



Not that we have found, anyway. If you find a source, please share!

Mary Scott from Serendipity Farm and Studios has been re-manufacturing the heddles as she has access to the original pattern. However, when the current supply sells out, I am not sure they will be reordering. You can try sending a request her way since she seems to be the only vendor interested in servicing these mighty metal monsters! (Yes, I have mentioned it before, but if enough of us ask, who knows?)

I can see their point. The Structo 240's are not a standard reed height, so there is very limited market potential for this no-longer manufactured loom.

Also, the beams on these looms and the clearance is very small, so working with a larger yarn is not all that feasible, except for sampling, and again, most weavers don't sample, they want to make actual projects. 

Think about it this way, if you wanted to weave a scarf 72" long from a knitting yarn sett at something like 8-12 epi, it is pretty certain that after just a few feet, the front fabric beam will be full and you wouldn't be able to complete the project. 

I think having a 12 dent would be fantastic, but I am not holding my breath. And if I find someone willing to make reeds for these looms, you can bet I'll share the info so we can support that source!


My old reed is a mess of rust, and I decided to invest in stainless steel.

I am having some made right now by Jim Wilson at Gowdey reed company[email protected] Good luck!. He quoted me a price of $35 for the small structo reed, and has been very helpful.


Please post when it arrives and if it works well!


I ordered and received my new 12 dpi SS Rees from Gowdey Reed for about $37 total. It works fine. Now I just need 4 more shafts!

I went to their website (They HAVE a website!!) and took a peek. What were the dimensions you gave them? (Or did you just call and discuss on the phone?)

Also, I was concerned because the website doesn't allow you to specify the size of the base bars. On the Structo 240 the base bars are much smaller than the Structo 600 or other table looms. Did they mention the size they used there?

I have now added a 12 dent and possibly a 20 dent to my holiday wish list!(These looms are so small and the front cloth beam clearence so limited, I probably will never use anything bigger than 5/2 or 18 epi on this particular loom.)

Many thanks for posting a follow up! I'll let everyone know if Santa delivered my Gowdey Structo 240 reed on Christmas morning.


I spoke to someone Jim(?) on the phone and he knew just what I needed having recently made one. It's a perfect fit! It's about 8 by 3 I believe but he knows what to do. Hope Santa Claus comes through!

No new reeds from Santa for my Mighty Metal Monsters! Now I have to be a really good girl for a very long time before the next opportunity presents itself on Santa's sleigh. Arghhh.

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I never followed up here at Weavo, but I was able to obtain a new 12 dent reed from Gowdey for my 240/4. I called Gowdey directly, and Jim was able to instruct me how to measure. It fits great!


Have a 4" Structo...the reed is just pieces of metal reed that moves in the this what the 4" uses.

also have the warping devise for is pictured in their 1940 catalog

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