Struco 750

I acquired a 750 but I'm in need of a manual, beater bar and reed. Anyone have any direction to point me in?



All_things_structo is a yahoo group that has manuals in the files.

Reeds can be purchased at Gowdey Reed Co. A 15 dent was the original size, but if you are replacing, you might find a 12 to be more useful with contemporary patterns. (Or get both.)

The beater bar is more challenging. You need to have one for a woodworker to match, and that will be the costly part of this process. I would indicate where you are located, and see if there is anyone nearby where you can look at one, take photos and measurements.

I just saw one for sale at the Maryland Sheep & Wool show this weekend (May 3-4). That isn't the one you recently acquired, is it?

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