is anyone interested in starting a second munsell color group? Kathleen




Peg in South C… (not verified)


Karren and I have been chatting a bit about starting a new group.  It would not begin, however, until after Convergence because of Karren's busy schedule.  I would like to see a bit how this group goes to see whether or not we just want to repeat it or whether there might be a different take. 

I am collecting names of anyone who might be interested to see when they would be interested in starting andf what they would like to do. 

PM me and I will include you in the list I am collecting.


Kathleenh (not verified)

Peg,  please add me to the list for munsell color group#2 thanks,  Kathleen Higham 

Guiding Myth (not verified)

I am also interested 


Barbara DesertRat (not verified)


I would like to be added to your list, too.  Thank you!  Barbara in Tucson

Emmy (not verified)

I am interested in knowing more about it.

Thank you


lyndac (not verified)

Please include me in Group #2

Lynda in Roberts Creek

weavingthyme (not verified)

I am also interested in the munsell dye group.  Please add me to the group. Starting after Taos Wool Fest would work better for me.


Kathleen I would be interested in joining the group. I am familiar with the munsel student set, having done most of the chips. I have also done some dying with lanaset over the years. However, dying to a certain color( ie: matching a color chip) would be quite a challenge, I would love to try this.

Deanna (not verified)

Please put me on the list of possible members for the new group.

Peg in South C… (not verified)

Barbara, have not been to this page lately. My bad!  I've added you to mly list.  When you get a chance, please private message with me with some general information about your dyeing experience and what you might like to learn from the group.  Thanks!

Peg in South C… (not verified)

IP have also added Barbara Desert Rat, Deanna, Weavingthyme and Emmy to the list.  If you could private message me with a bit of information about your dye experience and what you would like to gain from this group, it would be helpful.  Thank you!

LindaW (not verified)

I'm interested. I'll pm you with info. Thanks!

jellybelly (not verified)

I am a weaver, spinner and quilter who is just beginning to dye fabric, rovings and yarn. So YES, I'm very interested in your group. My own research (using google) yielded Pantone color system. I have been racking my brain to figure out how to translate color to dyes that are currently available. Is that even possible with wool dye like Country Classics and cotton dyes MX Reactive dye? Help me learn more about the Munsell system. thanks

blopeep (not verified)

Was wondering if there are plans to start a second group.  I realize it's been nearly a year, but patience is a virtue, right?

Mary Rios (not verified)

The 2nd Karren Brito group is wrapping up their 12 week odyssey - It has been a fantastic experience and I highly recommend the study - Karren is brilliant and offers techiques for beautiful dyeing done well, and teaches us to reproduce any color we see. It's a TON of work. I'm entering my real world and it's all a bit strange after 12 weeks of such intense work on one subject matter. 

you can see some pics on my blog


I agree with Mary. It has been an eye opening experience! It's not only about dyeing , but more importantly, how do you see color? It really refines the eye and drastically improves skills. This is truly one of the best classes I've taken. Karren is so knowledgeable about color and dyeing, a wonderful teacher. Mary is right it is a lot of work! It is meant for dedicated students. The only drawback is being an online class you have to rely on photos to show work. It's just the nature of online classes.

Karren K. Brito

I've got a new class for cellulose fibers using Cibacron F fiber reactive dyes ready, it should be listed in the classes soon.  I've got it set up for June, July , Aug.,(by request)and might be a just the learning activity you need this summer.   Many people have vacations in the summer so it may not fit your schedule.  Ask for when you want and we'll see what can be arranged.

FiberGeekery (not verified)

Hope I can work with the schedule of the new class. It sounds like something I would love to do.

Karren K. Brito

Fibergeekery, We have scheduled the new class for the summer at noon EDT on Friday because that works for us.  If that doesn't work for you, but you want to take the class, tell us what does work for you and we will try to adapt.


I am interested, whenever the group forms.  

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