I am doing a huck weave project with areas of plain weave between the huck.  I keep breaking my edge threads and I have already woven about 18" and am afraid to add a floating selvedge because it will look strange having it start part way through the scarf.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why they are breaking and what to do?

When I fixed one side, I inadvertently put the two edge threads in the same dent as the next two so I have set one side with 4 threads in the last dent in the reed.  I was weaving along nicely and went to advance the warp and noticed the edge thread is broken at the fell line.  Here is a photo:


The last two threads on each side have broken twice.  Aaargh!



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As with many weaving questions/problems, there are many answers/solutions. When faced with something like this I have to keep trying different things until I find what works.

It looks like your warp threads are fairly fine. In my experience, adding a floating selvedge part way through will not show when the threads are fine (10/2 or smaller). But I'm not sure that adding a floating selvedge will help. It might be worth a try, though you should expect the floating selvedge to break periodically, just as your edge threads did.

Have 4 threads in one dent at the edge may be contributing to the breakage. But I guess resleying 18" in isn't what you want to do. :(

Your weaving looks good. I don't see much draw-in, which can sometimes contribute to broken edge threads. The weft in the plain weave borders is packing in more tightly than the same weft in the lace areas. That's normal. Make sure that the shed is clear at the edges on each pass of the shuttle. That sometimes helps me when I have breakages at the selvedges.

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Claudia -

Know that pattern well and I had the same problem.  I was using 10/2 tencel.  In fact still am, there are probably another 4 scarfs on the loom, really need to get them finished.

As I had warped multiple scarf lengths I had the luxury to make adjustment. After repeated breaking of the edge thread I used fishing line as a floating selvedge, yes I added it into the scarf midway thru, and then after finishing the scarf I removed the fishing line.  (this was a tip from a weaving mentor).

Good luck, I love the color!

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