Seeking working cartridge for Compu dobby 1

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<p>&nbsp;I have purchased a 16 shaft Compu Dobby 1 loom and have been very unlucky to have a non working Cartridge. I am told AVL cannot replace it. Strangely the loom came also with a cartridge of&nbsp; a compu dobby 11 so am putting up this request in the unlikely event anyone has a Cartridge for the Compu Dobby 1 which they wish to dispose of.&nbsp;</p>



Are you aware that the cartridge is not needed to run the CD? The cartridge is used when you can't connect the computer to the loom (like it's stationary in a different room). If you're running the loom with a laptop, the cartridge is useless.

Thank you BWSD you have cheered me up immensely! I wonder why AVL didn't tell me that. Now I just have to work out how to get the USB adaptor and Weavepoint to talk to one another. 


Thanks BWSD. I sent a photo to AVL and was informed I don't have the weaving cartridge but the control. My sensor may be also not working. I was quoted $3500 for CDIV and shipping may be around $400. I might be using the mechanical dobby for a while.


That information is in the manual.  If you didn't get one with the loom, you can download it fom AVL.  I used a Keyspan USB adapter with the cable I got from AVL very succesfully.  You need both.

CD I was made in the 80's; home computers were big clumsy things that stayed in one room, probably not the room with the loom in it.  It's possible that the folks at AVL thought that you had read the manual and knew what   the cartridge is for.  I'm sure that there are situations today where the computer is distant from the loom, but they would be rare.  CD I lasted just long enough to get me hopelessly hooked on electronic loom control and died.  Instead of spending ~$300 to find out if it was fixable (not fix it, find out if it could be fixed), I spent ~$1000 on CD IV.



Yes, I see that AVL has raised its prices dramatically.  You can get a workshop dobby loom cheaper than a new CD.  Had they cost that much when my CD I died, I think I would have taken thegamble to fix it.  A mechanical dobby will increase your patterning capabilities, but electronics are a different ballgame.  You can adjust the pattern through the tie up while you weave, for example.  I am looking at small dobby looms, and AVL had been at the top of my list, but I'm not sure anymore.

My CD I came with a cartridge and controller box for use with a Mac.  When the Mac died they switched to the mechanical dobby.  They were making upholstery yardage, so the ability to switch patterns by just opening a new file wasn't that important.  I have kept themechanical dobby just in case...

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