Hi I am a new AVL owner 16 shaft compu dobby and also (with mechanical dobby) The previous owner made  a sectional warping beam and I used a warping mill to put on a sectional warp by the combined method.. I am attempting to do a warp rep rug from Kelly Marshall's Custom Woven Interiors. I think I have been too ambitious for my skill level. I have put on a (hand dyed carpet warp - dyed by me) to 60 inches and have threaded up many many heddles. Unfortunately the sectional beam has unwound unevenly as I threaded up. I don't want to lose my heddle threading and am seeking advice about how to save this warp. Should I take off the sectional beam and plain beam after sleying the reed. I have combed out many tangles and used thick yarn to secure the warp in the individual 1" sections Is there a way to evenly wind back this warp using the sectional beam?. If so how should I do this. The other issue is I have read on previous Weavolution posts that AVL production looms are not so good for weaving rep and rugs.Is this the case? Any advice would be appreaciated.