Samitum Weavezine Article?

When searching for samitum, I see an article was published on Weavezine, but I'm having trouble accessing the site. Does anyone know who wrote that article? I know Syne is very busy, so I don't want to bug her.



I also coundn't access the site, but did find this. Hope it's helpful.


Ha! You hit me this time, sitting doqn kver afternoon tea!

I had come across that chapger, but it doesn't answer the question I have. Well I'm on a roll with things clocking today, so maybe the anwers will jsut hit me!


I hope so. I love it when things click! Think it took all my books, reading posts here and watching Becky's video before I finally understood exactly what was going on with a drawloom!



Funny how so many of us try doing the same thing at the same time -- I noticed earlier today that I couldn't access Weavezine (though I was looking for something else). When I saw your messages here, I decided to dig deeper.

There's a great resource available at, a group that's building a Web archive to keep information available despite the fluid nature of the Internet -- things can disappear very quickly in our digital world. They call their resource the "WayBack Machine." By typing in the URL of a website that's disappeared, you can go back in time (sort of) and access things that are no longer online. (It's free. They're a non-profit organization.)

Through them, I could find Weavezine, but didn't find any articles there on Samitum. I did find one on taquete: here. This is a nice article by Lillian Whipple that lets you explore various tied structures.

The link mentioned earlier from is a chapter from Alice Schlein's The Woven Pixel -- another fabulous weaving reference, even if it isn't what you're looking for right now. ;-)

Just taking a break from my duties as evening settles in. It's nice to be back on Weavo!



I'm back to Samitum on my drawloom. I have woven samitum on my table loom and only put each thread through one shaft. However, I think I remember Joanne Hall saying that on the drawloom the pattern threads do need to go through the ground shafts. Has anyone here woven samitum on a drawloom? If so am I remembering correctly? Can you explain why or why not you put the pattern threads through the ground shafts? Thank you!

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