Progress after Convergence

We are actually just starting to dye because of the Convergence hiatus, one participant started to dye the pure colors .  Tien has made great strides and is rightfully proud of her accomplishments.  Others are learning about color; they can see colors  in a way they never saw before. The Student book has about 250 colors and yet there is nothing to match their samples, can you imagine that ;)? Both of these steps are necessary prior to do any color development.  My goal is to have this group pick out a color, say from a picture, and then dye yarn that color.

So far we have:

  1.       Done the Munsell Student kit
          Gathered materials and supplies
          We are currently testing out our process to show that it is reproducible (also scalable)
          Then we will dye 6-13 of the manufactured dye colors for our set at 3 or 4 DOS
          Then we will begin mixing the dyes to produce 10 simple shades 
          Lastly we will pick out a color and then dye it.

This work is not showy, as you can see from Tien's blog--3 cards wrapped with some grey yarn.  I've very pleased with the progress that is being made, I have not seen this kind of development in any workshop/class before.

  • I hope the slow part is over, gathering materials.  I had a note today from one member that he ordered a new balance, but I think we are working out the kinks and they will be able to dye many samples at the same time now. But we are far from done.