We have 10 participants and we are making all kinds of decisions: what fiber, what dye to use.  We are evaluating  the equipment we have; right now we have been focusing on balances-- the most important piece of equipment in the dye studio.  We are stumbling around on the wiki, which allows us to interact and is very nice except that it doesn't have a spell checker and I can't spell or type...

We are thinking about how to organize and store our samples.  We are creating a reference library of dye samples for our studio.  We need to have this system in place before we start dyeing so that we can keep up.  If you don't do it as you go samples get separated from the formula.. it all gets to be overwhelming and you end up with a pile of useless samples in a box. 

And we have ordered our Munsell kits and hope to have the first sheet; hue, value/chroma done by Mon.




aRock (not verified)

As one of the very-happy-to-be-a-participant, I'm feeling a little as if I jumped before I looked . . . I've looked at the list of suggested samples (and contemplated the making of skeins -- no, I'm not backing out, no way), but do you have a suggested timeline? Do you have a tentative idea of timeline, how long it will take to accomplish this?


Karren K. Brito

I don't know at what pace this group will work, I thought we just play it by ear and see how fast and long people wanted to work.  What do you want?

Sherri (not verified)

I'm getting in late here. I think I probably already have the equipment I need, but have not seen a list. And what is Wiki? So, obviously I've missed a few posts or something.

Guiding Myth (not verified)

 I was out of town when all this got started, when I read about it I was interested in joining but came to it after the group was closed.  Is it possible to read the correspondence of  this group?  Two years ago I did a self directed dye study of the Procion Mx dyes.  Would like to work with the Lanaset/Sebraset Dyes this summer.  


Is there any way I can follow along with the group?If the rules are such that I can't ask any questions, - that's ok.

Thank you - even if I can't follow the group - you are performing a wonderful service to the fiber community Karren.

Stephanie Stanley

Karren K. Brito

Our group is at 12-13 and that is about all I can keep in my mind now.  This is all new, how to organize, co-ordinate with the wiki.  So far so good- lots of sharing.  I'm thrilled with the amount of interest, this is not a quickie workshop.  But people are working in their own studios and getting everything in order so that they will be able to dye what color they want when we are done.

Right now we are getting equipment and supplies in house.  We are thinking about and testing out ideas for organizing, storing our samples.  We are finding out about our water.  We will try to keep you all updated.

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